Friday, March 6, 2015

speak up: on truth

This month we are speaking truths. And speaking on truth, and sharing what is true to us. This month we're focused deeply on what is true.

Please be sure to see the goodness from my beloved friend Annie. The girl's a goldmine of wisdom and faithfulness.

Important links that I happened to mention: 
Prayer in C (by Lily Wood & The Prick)

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And for next month, we're speaking to, on, about
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Yes, with Easter and my birthday and a trip to the snow, I'm going to be practicing celebration all month long. Please join me?

Before we go, some inspiration for next month for you: 
How about some pretty party details from Pinterest
Sometimes I use just a few of these around our house on the daily. 

Let me share these celebratory quotes with you: 

Finally, your turn to share your vlogs on truth! 


  1. First, your hair looks amazinnnnng in this video! Also, your highschool boyfriend sounds super encouraging ;)

    I loved your approach to this month's topic! Truth was such a huge concept, I didn't know where to start. I didn't even think about sharing literal facts haha. I love how different everyone's interpretation of the topic is :) I'm the same about eggs!! I eat them pretty much every single day.

  2. Girl. This is awesome. I'm such a sucker for people sharing fun facts about them, and love love love that you did that this month! You are adorable and awesome and I just love you a lot.

  3. This was such a cute idea of how to go about this topic! I love it! And isn't it so freeing to know it's okay to have doubts and be scared sometimes? Also, your birthday is the same day as my sisters (and her husbands) AND I always wanted a VW bug so I'm totally jealous of your story about the Love Bug. My video is coming soon! But... as always... YouTube hates me this morning. I should start uploading them the night before from here on out because this is ridiculous.

  4. Have I mentioned lately that you're awesome? Love this!

  5. Yes. HOW DARE THE PUBLIC FIGURES MISLEAD THE PUBLIC. But I'm not letting myself step on the soapbox.

    I burst out laughing when you said you had only been engaged once.

    FOUR is a fantastic number. I'm so excited about your book!

    I feel like I need to investigate these Pegasus running shoes.

    NINE TEN ELEVEN. That's amazing.

    I would never have guessed you'd broken your nose. I need to hear this story!

    For a doubtful, fearful soul, you have a fierce belief. Hold tightly to the God in whom you've placed your trust. He is mighty.

    Super love your approach to this. Happy early birthday! LOVE YOUUU.

  6. I love your bangs! And we most definitely are all liars (now the book "We Were Liars" comes to mind, haha) whether we intend to be or not. All we can do is strive to be as truthful as we can be and hope for the best :) Thanks for sharing your truths!

  7. I don't know why, in the middle of the night, God made me feel the need to aks you how is the process of the book is going? After the last coffee date did someone read your book? You can do it, go, go , go!

  8. Well thank youuuuuuuu! My high school boyfriend was such an encourager... Just not in the kind way! ;)

    Truth is such an overwhelming concept. I've really been focused on it lately... I blame Annie! :) It's such an interesting sort of idea that we somehow create into a concrete object (proverbial object) and, well, that's interesting to me on all the levels.

  9. I felt sort of like I was copping out doing it like that, but it just felt right... And fun... And like it could make me more of a person and not so much of some figment of internet imagination! :)

  10. I've been SO FASCINATED by the public figures misleading the public. Like, completely madly fascinated by it. Jason and I have had some really intense conversations about who's responsibility it is to determine and research truths and such... SO RICH.

    Basically, you're amazing. Always. OBVIOUSLY. And I heart doing this with you. And I wish we lived closer because I just want to see you ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

  11. Have I mentioned that awesome is as awesome does?


  12. Girl, your participation makes me so happy. Seriously, I always get OVER THE TOP joyful when I see your little name linked up in there. Sooooo, just marry me.

  13. Thank you for your kind words!! The bangs were a little wild of a choice but I'm IN LOVE. :)

    Ok, did you read We Were Liars??? Because I've heard mixed reviews.

    YES to truths that are sort of negotiable. Because perception and such is SO different from one person to the next. I've realized Jason and I can watch/see/read the SAME thing and take two COMPLETELY different things from it.

  14. This made my day. Seriously, I saw your email and was like this girl is fiercely hearing from Him.

    I'm almost done with the first set of revisions. And, well, it's really exhausting and emotional but I'm also really thrilled. :)


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