Monday, March 23, 2015

on growing old [a letter]

Welcome to you, to you and to your words today. 

The Letter Link-up | Mr. Thomas & Me
This letter is part of The Letter Link-Up. They are written to remember mundane moments that would otherwise slip away, to hold tight to him, and to remember how life looks right now at this very moment with the chance to shed light on your heart. 

While my letters documenting moments within our marriage before children for our children because they won't know us without them, you are allowed to write your letter to anyone, on anything with the prompt being simply a loose and suggestive starting point. 
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Dear Jason,

Someone once said to slow down and savor this moment. It was probably at a wedding or a baptism or birthday party. But they said it and then told everyone to breathe it into our lungs and let it be a part of our heart.

As we laid in bed for a slow Sunday morning washed over in the dark of night and dawn's early light, I ran my fingers through your blonde hair. I was surprised at how thick the hair felt though we always agree it's thin. I twisted it between my fingers impressed with the softness of the strands. I wanted to see the yellow hue of it, something the sun and genetics afford you so graciously. And it was then I heard that someone from long ago who said, savor.

I hear it like a chant: savor, savor, savor; all beautiful and comforting. I lay there hearing your breath and I remember the way I've dreamed of silver hair, wrinkled skin, simple hand holds on the back porch swing of our retirement home. I've dreamed of traveling the world, near and far, with you by my side. I've dreamed of the grand-kids that will fill our home with noise and our hearts with love like we've never known. I have dreams for us.

But we've learned that our dreams don't necessarily translate to reality. We've learned loving doesn't always mean living to see dreams turn out. And in this learning process, we've come to understand how to savor. We've stopped worrying about tomorrow and started loving today. And, it's in this groove, I can't wait to grow old -even if old is younger than we dream.

May our hearts always dream of one another,

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To Say I Love You
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  1. Oh my beating heart. You took my breath away with your last line. Seriously.

  2. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvMarch 23, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    Beautiful, my friend. You took me right to that moment with you. I struggle to savor oh so much, and I hope this year your really conquer the act of savoring. Happy belated birthday!

  3. Love.
    My heart has few words to explain how dear these words are and how my heart sings these same tunes of love and dreams and savoring. Thank you for hosting this link up.

  4. I just realized I did not post the image! I will do that when I get to my computer again ❤️

  5. Wonderful, poetic writing as always. Jason is one lucky guy!

  6. What a beautiful letter, you like I've said before, have a way with words my friend. P.S. linking up tomorrow xo.

  7. thanks for the shoutout! Yeh Intresting story Grab Tricks

  8. Hey love .. when will April's link up go live?

  9. OH MY! April 20th. A Monday... And now to update the post to include it!

  10. Oh thank you friend. Thank you for reading and enjoying and just being here with us!

  11. Well this. SO KIND. :) So thankful to know you.

  12. You are so dear, so so dear to me.

    The way you and your dude love on each other is an example of Him daily in my Instagram and blog feed. And that's a lot to say because no one does it as beautifully as the two of you.

  13. Oh sweet friend. Savor, savor, savor then deliver a healthy baby so I can oogle and ogle over it. PLEASE.

  14. All the heart eyes and hugs and warm affections because that's all I know how to say to you these days.

  15. Who are you anyways? You and your beautiful words and loving cherishing savoring soul.


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