Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Year of Owning the #ThomasHouse

A year ago we were packing things in boxes, stacking pans in the back seat of our cars, dropping delicate tea cups into underwear drawers and pretending that was a socially acceptable way to "move".

A year ago I laid on the disgusting, paint-covered carpet that was to be torn out tomorrow morning and cried about paintbrushes and Taupe TeePee and frog tape. I threatened to stab my eye out with the bristle ends of a paint brush if I saw another spot that needed touch-ups.

A year ago we collapsed into bed in our blue and white master bedroom and sighed that we'd done it, we'd bought a house, torn out a kitchen wall, painted a vaulted ceiling and replaced floors. We'd done it and we hadn't died.

The last year has held many lessons, many lessons that, thankfully, came with laughing and a glass of wine and not TOO much out of our wallets (minus that one time Jason tore the garage door off the tracks or that other time when I fried our Verizon box). Either way, I wouldn't take a moment of this time and space back.

Hopefully you can learn a thing or two from our mistakes or few: 

  • Painting a house yourself is doable and economical, it's also insanely challenging after two days of holding a roller above your head. 
  • Never underestimate what a coat of (in this case graphite) paint can do to a room or stair railing. 
  • Big front windows are beautiful.

  • Dinner at a table in your home will never feel real. Especially when you have an awesome group of friends to join you. 
  • Fresh flowers reinvent a room. 
  • Dogs behavior doesn't get better just because her people are now homeowners.
  • Office spaces are beautiful when they have fresh daylight. 
  • So are libraries when the books are color-coordinated. 
  • But you'll end up writing in front of that beautiful picture window anyway. 
  • Framing windows makes them smile. And when you frame them, make it a family affair. 
  • Bring a pop of color into every room. 
  • You can't and shouldn't do everything at once. So, shower behind a curtain and let the bathroom remodel wait.
  • There is nothing like decorating one's mantle. Seriously, I love making this place festive.
  • Raw wood and cow hide. Yes, we were both thrilled about decor. My brother described it as feminine hunting lodge and, well, absolutely we agree. 
  • Gallery walls. Always. Slow to create (we're still doing it) but lovely and rewarding.
  • Accent colors. Pick one and pull it throughout the house. For us: turquoise-teal. 
  • Remodeling (even in a small form) is stressful on your own. But so rewarding
  • Add a wall that's a pop of color. It makes your kitchen a happy space.

  • When you have a backyard, get cornhole. 
  • Coffee grounds are great for the soil in your garden, or for your compost. You can get used grounds from your local coffee shop. 
  • Anything can be re-purposed -even a toilet into a flower pot.

  • I love mowing the lawn, our lawn. And I also love our tortoise. 
  • Moving is fun, but sometimes your dog will hate it and then she'll spread the stinkiest of soil around your yard. 
  • There's nothing like old-fashioned manure to make your garden grow. 

  • A year ago, we thought we were done, and now, a year later, we know this adventure that's home ownership has barely just begun.


    1. Happy, happy year of being a real life grown up...I salute you for all the hard work you've put is amazing.

    2. Happy one year of owning! Thank you for sharing these memories with us :)

    3. Happy House-iversary! I love your office space!

    4. Happy year of owning your beautiful home! Every ounce of work you have put in shows and it is such a lovely place for you two to call home :)

    5. Congrats on one year friend! WOO!!!


    6. That was a fast year! I remember when you guys were looking and all the stress and then you got the keys and made this house a home! I love it and I cant wait to invite myself over in the next few weeks haha... and then again after the baby comes because, well, I will need wine and a break!

    7. Your house is so grown up looking and so full of color!! Congrats!!

    8. It's still so crazy to me that we were going through this whole home buying journey a year ago!! Great lessons and such a beautiful house :)

    9. I adore this post and your happy little life <3 Thanks for the inspiration, my dear! xo

    10. wow! what a beautiful home you are creating together!!! i love it all and now this makes me want to own a home sooner than later. now if only my husband and i could agree on what state to buy said home... :)

    11. One year of owning, and many more to come. I can't wait to start our own home owning adventure. In the mean time, I'll savor your tips.

    12. I loved reading this! We just recently purchased our first home in June and haven't done as much remodeling as we would have liked, but it is on this summer :) I love the idea of framing windows! Our living room window would look so much better if we did that!

    13. Happy house-iversary! Your house looks stunning, I want to come over soon please and thank you.

    14. I love this! Maybe one day we will own our own place.. I'll save this post for that time! Love that pretty ombre dresser.

    15. Congrats on one year!! This makes me excited for buying a home in the future. It seems like a wonderful & rewarding adventure.

    16. Happy 1 year!! I love all the things you've done to make a house your home.

    17. Your home is your safe haven, and it thoroughly seems that you have filled it with LOVE. So, kudos to you and Mr. Man for finding the peace within and loving every second of it. Now, will you freaking come and decorate my house!?!?!??!!? Sunny and warm in South Florida!!! Pool!!! lol

    18. Is it crazy that I'm still waiting for someone to come knock on our door and say you've had fun being a homeowner but now your pretend time is over?!?! Because I do.

    19. Thank youuuu! We are so happy to be here in this house in this town. :)

    20. Oh thank you sweet friend for being here and a part of all the things that make up this space! ;)

    21. Framing the windows was Jason's idea... I didn't understand what the big deal was at first but now when I look at them I'm SO GLAD he insisted because they feel more polished than without the frames...

      I'm glad ya'll did things slower than us. We did tons of work/repainting/remodeling in the first ten days that we owned the house before we moved in and I cried more than I should have with all the madness and chaos. Now, I'm glad we did it, but then I thought we were going to die.

    22. Girl I cannot wait to see the beautiful things ya'll would do with a home. I cannot wait.

    23. The ombre dresser is actually one of two I did like that and I adore them. ADORE them. So simple and easy but made a statement in the house instead of just sitting like a little chest of whiteness in the room.... TOTALLY suggest doing it yourself! ;)

    24. Girl OF COURSE and the sun, oh my soul, we've got a chill that came in and rain to go with so we're all moping around in sweats pretending we're going to die... (Especially Hazel).

    25. That is a really good idea -- I honestly would have never thought to do that, but I love the way yours turned out. Part of me knows that if we would have tore into the house while moving in I would have been pulling out my hair, but at least it would be done ha ha! I feel like we keep putting projects off and it is kind of driving me bonkers.

    26. glad it's all working out now thought! yay!

    27. Wow, I can't believe a year has gone by already! Congrats to both of you!


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