Monday, January 12, 2015

a call to all wordsmiths!

I've struggled to get back into the writing space since taking my break for December. There's just nothing that can get me into the spirit of writing and pouring my soul out onto the paper like November's NaNoWriMo. And, well, I've been feeling downtrodden about it. I love to write, to work through words, to pour out, and yet I can't find any joy or motivation to get after it. Like most things in life, writing is sometimes hard and seems to be lacking reward, alas, one must continue on. 

So, in talking to my sweet friend Kate about the way I'm just stuck, she mentioned her own writers' block. And, of course, we came to the conclusion, there's got to be other writers out there with goals and dreams for their 2015 word counts but who need an extra motivational umph in their routine. We are here to help! 

Kate and I are starting a group/team/fantastic collection of people called Wordsmiths Anonymous to assist and support and hold you accountable for your 2015 writing plans and, in true excitable fashion, we think you should join us. But first, let us introduce you. 

Inspiring and encouraging the next generation of writers through community and accountability.

Sure the premise sounds nice: work together and write hard, but what IS the difference? Beside being sure you're going to reach your 2015 writing goals, we're creating support, community and accountability in what can be a solitary and draining activity! 

Now what does a year of writing together bring to your life? 

Each member will be paired with a partner based on the responses to the below form. We will attempt to pair your with someone who is writing a similar genre and plans to spend similar times dedicated to the task throughout the year. Your accountability partner will be your right-hand man (or woman) throughout this process. You will be given all of their information and their job is to keep you motivated and your job is to do the same! This relationship can be as intricate or laid back as the two of you decide. Maybe you want to do weekly chats to check in on the writing progress or maybe you simply want to exchange parts of your drafts as you go -- either way, it's up to you! Your accountability partner will be the first person to call you out when you have missed all your planned writing times and the best person to convince you that you truly want to get back on track.

The best way to kick Writers' Block? Encouragement and motivation, two things this group will surely cover. Our Facebook group (it's private, but just ask us to join!) AND Twitter handle will pump motivation directly to you when you need it most. Check in often to see inspiration quotes and graphics, as well as encouragement from your fellow writers. Kate and I will personally oversee these groups and make sure that you are getting all the motivation and encouragement you deserve.

Throughout the year there will be 2-3 Google Hangout video chats for all members to attend. The times and dates for these events are TBD but essentially, we will all crack open some wine, talk about the highs and lows of writing, and cultivate excitement for the process. Staying engaged in writing is a big KEY to success and having friends motivate you along the way will be a huge help!

As needed and requested via the Facebook group, we will hold feedback sessions where members can get feedback on whatever they want -- maybe you want to know if your character profile is believable or perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes to read over Chapter 7. Whatever it is, we'll all act as a group to help get your feedback on your work. *Note: This is also a GREAT task for your accountability partner, but we understand that sometimes you need another pair of eyes.

Both Kate and I will host one seminar each during the year on a specific writing topic. The topic itself is still TBD but might include how to organize your thoughts or maybe character building. We will also allow, upon approval, other members to host their own seminars for members. These seminars will be free and will typically last 30-60 minutes. These seminars may be hosted via Google Hangouts and will be limited to 8-12 participants in order to provide some personal interaction and questions.

And that's it folks - if you too plan to write away 2015 join up now! Signups will be open for only ONE week. After that, Kate and I will play matchmaker and send welcome emails to each member within the group. 

We can't wait to meet you all and see what 2015 holds for our words!


  1. I literally was just telling another blogger we needed this!

  2. EEEEEEEP! Thank you, Amber, for pushing me to jumping off the edge on this idea...I needed something to just make me write, and this is IT. Let's see if something incredible comes from this....SO EXCITED.

  3. I love this! I also couldn't paste my FB profile, sorry! Couldn't figure it out. :)


  5. No worries girl, I'll find you and make sure you're included! :)


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