Wednesday, January 7, 2015

16 Post Ideas for Your One Word

Your word is picked. 2015 is started. You were going to blog more this year but you're now feeling sort of tired and weary because the holidays are over and the hangover is real. But your word wants you this year, it's beckoning you to do better, more, wonders.

So I'm here to help. Here to share 16 ways you can write about that beloved word that's going to haunt your every bored, tired, uninspired moment from here until December 31st.
  1. The word's significance to your life -past and present. 
  2. Make it into a mnemonic creating each letter into sub-words for your year (like my Year of the B.R.A.V.E.).
  3. Examine the Webster's definition(s) of your word and how they will play out in 2015.
  4. A monthly (or weekly or quarterly) reassessment of how it's gone.
  5. Through a photo essay
  6. Dedicate a weekend to your word, then recap the weekend (possibly in parts). 
  7. Pull together actions for your words. (Like for my word savor by posting monthly recipes)
  8. Talk about the process of coming to choose/define/apply your word to 2015. 
  9. A vlog introducing yourself and your word.
  10. Predict what adventures or rewards your word will create throughout 2015.
  11. Make questions using your word. Then answer them. 
  12. Look at the antonyms to your word and emphasize how they further encourage you this year.  
  13. Watch out for your word for a week. Photograph/document where it shows up. Share them. 
  14. How has your word changed your year so far? (Obviously, this will need a bit of time)
  15. Write a letter to/about/from your word. Maybe to your heart, mind, life. 
  16. Find quotes containing your word, then dissect them. 
And, as a wrap up for you, my word for the year is savor (as mentioned last Friday). Because I want to stop hungering for tomorrow and be nourished by today. Because I want to slow down and thoroughly enjoy this moment in the right here, right now kind of way. Because I want to take up the perspective to realize this time is unique, is one of a kind, is not going to be so ever again in my life. Because I deserve it.


  1. Savor is such a good word. I've been using it more and more in my reminders to myself. Life is good, and it should be savored.

  2. Did you write this directly to me? Fits so perfectly into how I'm feeling!!

  3. These are really great post ideas! Thanks fir sharing them. I also love your concept of savouring the now of life. I tend to be one who is always looking ahead as well.

  4. Ugggghhhh your word is so good, all the words I'm thinking of are super action-oriented rather than restful, rejuvenating words. But I kind of want this to be a year in which I kick major ass, so idk if that's all right? This is hard. Words are hard.

  5. Why are you so genius? We need to live closer together so we can brainstorm and dream and create with each other. Makes me just burst with joy to think about all the happiness that is to come this year.

  6. this is perfect. My word for 2015 is LIGHT. I'm definitely going to use some of these prompts! thank you.

  7. thank you for sharing!! i always love reading about people's word of the year.

  8. These are GREAT! Definitely the prompts I needed to get going with my words. I'm sharing the first one on the blog tomorrow with a mood board and just can't wait! BTW, still so excited to see what "savor" does for you this year!

  9. Thank you! I find myself saying it over and over in my mind sometimes. Like hey, catch the important little bits and enjoy them because one day they will be gone!

  10. I DID! :) Just kidding. But I think this is a definite phase in our life where we want MORE, but we have MORE!

  11. Thank you Tabitha! :) Why is it that it's always going to be better tomorrow/later/next time? In fact, it's better RIGHT NOW!

  12. Honestly, I thought of you when I decided to write this because your word is so good and I want to know all the details and just YES.

  13. A MOOD BOARD. That's the best idea yet. I believe this might mean I need to throw together a Savor board on my Pinterest!

  14. Me too! Somehow the New Year and all the thoughtful words and intentions just makes me thrilled and feel like I have got to know someone more than the usual post. And GIVE. Love it girl. Love.

  15. Light. YES. Shiny and beautiful and not burdensome. I love it and would never have thought of that for a year but oh the possibilities!

  16. Girl, sometimes we needs years of action (that was me last year) and other times we need to slow ourselves, because lately action happens really well/easily for me, but the rest and gratefulness doesn't and that's unbecoming and draining.

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  18. These are awesome ideas and prompts! I might be using a few of these this year :)

  19. is this a thing??
    i'm so out of the loop on this word of the year thing?
    can you just pick my word for me?


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