Friday, December 19, 2014

Speak Up, you hear me?

The best part of Christmas present giving is when you think of a really great, fun, amazing gift for someone special to you and they have no idea the amazing wonderful surprise sitting under the tree waiting for them. Today's post is just like that feeling of anticipatory excitement.

Annie (from What She Saw) and I have had this in the works for a couple weeks now and HOLY. We are just beside ourselves with the opportunity to host this, share this, be a community in this together with you.

Spark Notes for you: 
Meet Speak Up: a monthly vlog link-up happening on the first Friday every single month.
Starts in January 2015. On Friday the 2nd to be specific.

First month's theme: WILD AND FREE. 

The fun thing about Speak Up: there isn't a required format.
You can write yourself questions, put out a bunch of facts, share your heart.
Anything goes. And everything is right.

But for the first month I thought it'd be lovely for me to give you a couple ideas:
1. I'm WILD about.../I will always live FREE of... (Sort of a love/hate idea)
2. Contemplate what WILD and FREE could mean for 2015.
3. Tell us about your resolutions and how they create WILDNESS and FREEDOM in your life.
4. Make a list of questions, like a self interview, working through WILD and FREE.

And my quotes, thoughts, bits and pieces to inspire your vlog: 
  • Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them. -Carrie Bradshaw
  • What makes you/encourages you to be wild and bold? (Ideas: crafts, New Year's, exercise, coffee) 
  • How are you called to be free? (Ideas: your faith, your citizenship, your hair, your clothes, a book you've read recently, your blog)
  • This song by Jessie J: 

And here's some buttons and banners and all the good things for ya'll:
Mr. Thomas and Me
Mr. Thomas and Me

See ya'll there on January 2nd.


  1. thank you! slash, cannot wait to see yours. ;)

  2. UM YES PLEASE. I realize that spoken word is an entirely different beast and that makes it beautiful.

  3. I love this idea! I can't wait to read/watch the different entries each month... I'd definitely love to take part, but I've never done a vlog! Maybe a 2015 resolution? Haha!

  4. I really think this is a great idea! So many people are silenced in today's society and you're giving them a chance to get those voices back! They could really change the world! :) Definitely revolutionary! I'll give anything a try! :)

  5. Here from your post in #fireworkpeople, this sounds awesome! Love what you all are doing to help others speak up and use their voice - one of my goals for the new year! Was wondering how to find who to link to and submit our link? Thank you!

  6. Hi Julene! There'll be a link-up that is made up of a form on the first post (goes live tomorrow!) and you can link there! :) So happy to have you! :)

  7. Well I like the idea of you joining in sooooo WELCOME! :)

  8. YES YES YES. Let us break boxes and all the other things and YES.


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