Monday, December 29, 2014

2015: A Fortunate Link-Up

Things that will be exactly the same:
  • Running 
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Working
  • Blogging
Oh wait, that's really now how this works because that would be boring and short-lived and you really didn't come here so that I could tell you that everything is going to be the same.

But I'm now channeling my inner Miss Cleo and, so, my real fortunes in a format of Yes (100% going to happen), No (0% chance of happening), and Maybe (50/50 chance of happening): 
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  • Continue speaking, sharing, writing here. 
  • Remain a fan of white wine, though completely open to that which is red, because wine is wine and I won't ever say no. #winenot?
  • Seeing the second half of Mockingjay THE MOMENT it is released in November 2015. 
  • Seriously contemplate #ThomasBaby2016. (they're not born overnight you know) 
  • Finish that writing a book thing that I started in November. #NaNoWriMo doesn't end on November 30th. 
  • Unplug completely one night a week. 
  • Find my bible-reading groove once again. 
  • Send one handwritten letter or card a week (by snail mail, no hand deliveries allowed). 
  • POTATO CHIP ROCK. Aka: hiking with Juliette until we look like we're standing on top of the world. 
  • Continue to work on a heart that is encouraging and vulnerable. 
  • Running marathons. Sure, the half (like 13.1) but no fulls. 
  • More animals in the Thomas House. (NOPE.) 
  • Attending blog conferences. I'd rather be on vacation with Jason. #sorrynotsorry
  • Whole 30s or other really rigorous ways of eating. 
  • Celebrate another birthday with dad. Hopefully he'll be healed and peaceful in heaven by then. 
  • Useless spending. 2015 is supposed to be a year of saving and, well, I'll miss you Amazon. 
  • I will not become famous. Dang nab. 
  • Go brunette. Or really anything but blonde. 
  • Give up coffee. Or wine. Or carbs. Or beer. (NO WAY IN TARNATIONS.) 
  • Wear stretchy pants two days a week (instead of just one) because #whynot. 
  • Get the rib tattoo that I hate covered or redone or something that's better than what I've got now. 
  • Turn off comments on the blog for a while and see what it does to my writing and ideas. 
  • Go camping at Yosemite. (anyone who knows me knows this is a BFD) 
  • Entertain (more seriously) pulling together a capsule wardrobe. 
  • Run 60 miles every month. 
  • Read 50 books. (I know I'll be reading, but 50 is keeping up the 4 a month status + 2 bonus)
As I was writing this, I kept adding "in bed" to the end of them and then cringing. Mostly because they're not nearly as funny as the fortunes I get in those cookies from Panda Express and Pick Up Stix. 

It seems important to note that while my mom and I were wandering through our city's Old Town area, I found this:
And he promptly told me to get my roots done. 

Now it's your turn! 


  1. I'm the first to link up! Woot woot! And I need to get my bible reading groove back too and finish my novel as well.

  2. I love this! I can't wait to write mine and link up. We have a few in common: like no new animals in my household and I also need to unplug from the world in my phone/computer at least one night a week.

  3. These are awesome and such a good alternative to resolutions. Sometimes the no's and maybe's are as important as the things you're planning to do. Good luck :)

  4. I forgot all about adding "in bed" to the end of my fortunes ha ha!! Love this fortune link up idea :D

  5. I love this the most. Might steal it because what an awesome way to look at 2015. Rock on & happy New Year, Amber!

  6. I can't wait to add my post tomorrow. Love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

  7. OMG!!! I stopped reading at ThomasBaby2016 - it only takes 9 months and there are 12 months in a year so lets make it ThomasBaby2015??? Love these gorgeous friend - let's swap snail mail? x

  8. I loved this link up :) I also love that you hash tagged your future baby. Happy new year! May 2015 be the best year for you!

  9. I just love the idea of this linkup...what a fun way to look forward to 2015!!! I'm kind of obsessed with ALL of these. Especially #ThomasBaby2016 and wearing stretchy pants, HOLLA. Have I told you lately that you're my favorite? Because you are.

  10. 50 BOOKS! Amazing, love it! When you find some good ones, send them my way ;)

  11. YES, ALL OF THE BOOKS. I'm squeaking out 3 this month, which was pushing me a bit. BUT I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. Also, can we get #ThomasBaby2016 trending, please?

  12. P.S. I might need to make a post and be a little late to the party...

  13. This post cracks me up. I love it. Such a fun way to look at the year ahead and know that there are some things that you just cannot change about yourself haha.

    New follower and stopping by from

    :) xo

  14. I'm getting more and more excited for #ThomasBaby2016 and it's not even my baby.

  15. I love everything about this post. 2015 is going to be a great year for you!


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