Friday, November 28, 2014

25 absolutely awesome christmas post ideas

Now you're done with Thanksgiving and your food coma is wearing off, the faint smell of Douglas Fir and the sounds of "Silver Bells" means Christmas is on it's jolly way! But holidays and the rushing to and fro can make blogging ideas hard to come by... No worries, we've got you covered with this list of Christmas post ideas (that we'd like to think are a bit unique!).
  1. You are headed to a Christmas cookie party, but as a cookie. What are you? And what's your recipe?
  2. Talk about finding out Santa wasn't real. How did it happen? What did you feel? 
  3. How do you countdown the days until Christmas? Tell us about your advent calendar.
  4. Share a tradition you want to start in your own home one day. 
  5. The most dreadful part of the holidays is... 
  6. When do you start thinking about the New Year? And what is it you think about? 
  7. Share your holiday shopping tips. 
  8. Throwback to your favorite Christmas cards. I can think of one where I'm dressed as an angel that's blog-worthy. 
  9. What does Advent mean to you? 
  10. An open letter to St. Nick, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, Mrs. Clause (or the like). 
  11. Holiday decor home tour. (Because you know we want to see it)
  12. Talk about your holiday celebration. Is it Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa? How does your family celebrate? (think of this as an opportunity to educate others on your take)
  13. If you could design your own flannels, what would they look like? And why? 
  14. Give this, Not that Gift Guide 
  15. Write about your holiday card philosophy. When are they best sent? Do you include a letter? Is there always a picture? Pets or no pets? Professional photo or Instagram frame? 
  16. How do you balance between your family and your in laws? Share your peace-in-marriage tips.
  17. What do you HAVE to have before Christmas is considered official
  18. Let's have a Christmas Hot Cocoa date. What are you stressing over, loving, needing, wishing, wanting this Christmas season? 
  19. If you were Santa, what would you want to find on the plate awaiting you at the bottom of the chimney? 
  20. What holiday decor do you collect without apology? And why? (Ours is the nativity scene)
  21. What is your Christmas music policy? When is it allowed to be listened to? What are your favorite artists? Hymns or more recent songs? 
  22. What books are on your literary Christmas list this year?
  23. If your year was going to be encapsulated in a snow globe, what would be included inside? 
  24. What parts of the Holidays is stressful to you? And how would you change things to make the pressure less intense?
  25. Every family has an odd, interesting, unique Christmas day tradition. What's yours? 
We're going to spend our weekend decorating the house for the very first time! Cheers ya'll!


  1. I love this!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this list! Pinned for later :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is awesome - definitely going to follow a few holiday prompts! Happy decorating x

  4. Thank you for sharing - I'm saving this for later!

  5. LOVE this! Thanks so much! Trying to plan out posts for December and I'll definitely be using some of these :)

    From the Desk of J

  6. These are awesome suggestions and I just may use one or two! Thanks for the prompts.

  7. Cute ideas! I just may have to steal a couple! :)

  8. Great ideas :) I might use some !

  9. some super great ideas! i really don't remember how I found out about Santa, womp womp.

  10. Thanks for planning my entire month of blog posts for December, you the best :)

  11. Girl I'm always looking out for you... :)

  12. I don't either! I just remember my brother that's 3 years younger than me found out at the same time and i was upset that I didn't get to pretend in Santa for a while before he found out!

  13. Please do! And then let me know so I can read! :)

  14. Always looking out for you beautiful soul! :)

  15. Please do... And then tell me so I can read it and be obsessed with you.

  16. Feel free to use some of them and then share your post with me so I can read it! :)

  17. Oh gosh the planning and prepping can be so hard, but SO WORTH the thinking ahead. :)

  18. Thanks for reading! And please share whichever prompts you might use so I can read it! :)

  19. Thanks for reading! And for appreciating! :)

  20. This is perfect. Thank you for the list of ideas!

  21. This really is the BEST list. I love your Christmas cheer my beautiful friend!


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