Friday, October 10, 2014

Romans 6&7

And because ya'll love it, here are my notes for you: 
And for chapter 7:

Questions to ponder: 
1. Paul remind us in Romans 8 that our lives are to be lived in accordance to something -here specifically he presents the flesh or the Spirit. According myself to the law is challenging, frustrating, BUT rewarding. How do you motivate yourself to remain in accordance with the law -especially in challenging circumstances? 

2. Romans 8:24 says "But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hope for what they already have?" I have spent many days thinking about hope and its source, its depth, its importance in faith AND in life. Where do you find your hope coming from -a spring within your faith or from the sureness that things will be better or something entirely different? 

3. Verse 35 emphasizes that we cannot be separated from His love. How does that embolden your faith and encourage you to work to better understand/live out your calling (remember Romans 1)?

Links, Links, and More Links 
How are we serving one another in our attentiveness and ability to notice?  (Nadine Would Say)

Slaveship is tricky and sticky and sometimes we're more stuck than we think. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS. (She Reads Truth)

It is so easy to be led by our emotions. But what if we don't, what if we choose to by led by Him? (Jolene Engle)

This is the sweetest illustration of grace I ever did see. (The Brenner Bunch

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  1. Hiiiii <3
    Thank you for the shout out and link! What an honor.
    Love this. Love grace, love love LOVE GRACE. Too good and so real. Thank you for sharing, Amber!

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