Friday, October 3, 2014

Romans 5

The hot quote that I wish I could italicize and bold in my voice, but since I can't here:

"It's not about who deserves it or not, 
it's about what Christ did for me and my reflecting that out." 

I know that I didn't have my notes on here last week. Poo on me and my not making all the things happen, but grace. Oh my addiction to grace might be the most needy, intense thing out of all of us. But this week the notes are here along with my bible print-out pages that I've been using (and loving). 
And, that book, the beloved book from the beginning of my video, can be found here. Like I mentioned, I wasn't given the book for free or even asked to share it, but instead it's something I just happen to love that much. I promise it'll change the way you think about the bible and approach your study time -something I've desperately needed because I've been so apathetic about bible reading lately. 

Questions to ponder: 
1. Romans 6 asks and answers hard questions of our faith. Questions like: now that we have grace are we free to sin? After receiving the law (through our bible study) do we pursue His lead in our lives or are we running rampant knowing that His grace will cover for our mistakes? (This is a really humbling question to work through, or at least it was for my sinner's heart.) 

2. We all have a slaveship. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. BUT it's what that slaveship serves that makes our lives and tales different form one another. We can serve many things: greed, people, God, lust, etc. But only one thing can promise us a rich, everlasting reward. What slaveships do you need to break down (sounds so simply right?) in order to be more dedicated to serving Him? 

3. Romans 7 feels like a chapter of spiritual schizophrenia as our sin and the spirit wrestle with one another to achieve a place (or slaveship) in our lives. Do you feel that fight internally? How do you solve such a match of strong forces or do you just hope and pray that all things end up a tie? There are no ties in this fight, Jesus has already won, BUT there is our choice to serve either sin OR His spirit. 

The Verse of the Week
"Consequently, just as one trespass resulted in condemnation for all people, 
so also one righteous act resulted in justification and life for all people."
Romans 5:18

Be encouraged by the fact that God provided that one person -His son- to bring each and every one of us the title of justified. The fortune that brings to our life is enormous and rich. The freedom it affords us is priceless. We are called by His grace. 

Links, Links, and More Links 
So. My book recommendation -Women of the Word- and it's study guide and the author's blog. You girls, it's all SUCH a wonderful resource for us. (Jen Wilkin)

Standards ya'll. Where do we set them? How do we hold them? When do we choose grace? (Brave Love Blog)


I decided to start a bible study board on Pinterest this week to hold all of the gold that is this constant pursuit of studying Him and His word and His people.

Finally, the Milking Stool Ministry Facebook page. You're invited, simply request to join and weigh in on the conversations going on there!


  1. LOVED the questions this week! Romans 5 blew my mind. I love hanging out with this text on a Friday morning -- perfect way to start my weekend. Thanks!

  2. What are the bible print out pages you refer to? Thanks for the book reccomendation, I have been so apathetic to digging into the word at all lately.

  3. Soooo this is basically lame because I just went on and typed in Romans and then copied and pasted into Word and formatted it the way that I wanted to... It's not SUPER hightech, but it works AND you get to print it however you want to. I also uploaded it into files in the Milking Stool Ministries group if you'd like.

  4. Thanks for joining!!! I've been struggling with making time for my bible study soooo it's been good to have this push me along! :)

  5. I love the focus on grace in this chapter because sometimes reading through those first four chapters it's hard thinking about the law and how we don't live up. Grace>sin. And I like that bookend analogy too- it makes sense!

    Usually when I read this chapter I focus a lot on what you talked about in your video, but for some reason the first few paragraphs about perseverance, character, and hope stuck out to me. I found it interesting how hope is something that is kinda of "grown." I feel like we think of hope as this thing we just naturally have, but we don't. We gain hope through our experiences and by going through life we learn about hope and how it's always there.

    And I'll have to check that book out!


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