Friday, October 24, 2014

22 Not-So-Simple Blog Post Prompts

A dear friend and I happened to tweet back and forth about all the blog posts sitting in our drafts and I got to thinking the Drafts Folder is an elephant graveyard of good, but incomplete thoughts. She said she thought I'd have the most creative list of post ideas and I was flattered. Then I realized, I have a lot of posts sitting around wishing for completion that just aren't making the cut, but that would be beautiful from the minds of others. So, here's 22 food (it's ironic how many actually reference food) for thought prompts for you:
  • What does your Instagram feed say about you? 
  • Use a bowl of spaghetti (and whatever toppings you fancy) as a metaphor for your life. 
  • Turn a song into a blog post: like this
  • Detail and celebrate comfort food for your soul.
    (Think like Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul) 
  • Personalize and rewrite a poem to you and your life.
    (I did this with this poem at my mom's recommendation and adored it.) 
  • Address a hot button topic with which you have personal experience.
  • If you're marriage (or relationship) were a pizza or soup or calzone or sandwich, what would it look like? (more metaphor for you)
  • Pick your favorite piece of furniture in your home and draw a lesson from it.
  • How do you take your froyo? And how does this mirror your life? Or doesn't mirror your life? 
  • What hymn best celebrates your faith? And why? (Go deep here.) 
  • If you packed your favorite school lunch right now, what would it have in it? Realize the choices you make are memory laden and specific to you, share the importance of them. 
  • Write a letter to your high school boyfriend or best friend. 
  • Document your dinner from your dog or cat or tortoise's perspective. 
  • What are your fingerprint words or phrases? This one will take a bit of thought, but just wait until you realize what they are! 
  • Our relationships with our bodies are complex. Reflect on the things that make you feel powerful, strong, and appreciative of the way you are built. 
  • How do you take your eggs? And how do those connect to your life right now? 
  • Reflect on a time where circumstances were unfavorable, but so trasnformative for you.
  • Step back and think about your life as it is right now. Write about your feelings in regards to your job, your relationships, your home, your body, your hopes, your disappointments. 
  • Pay tribute to your childhood by remembering a prominent figure in your life. What was their catch phrase? What was their smell? Where did you see them? What did you do together? 
  • Thank your most influential teacher in a letter. 
  • Write about your faith. What does your God look like? Is it a He or a She? Do you lean on mercy or love or grace the most? Or is it all equal? Where do you struggle? What are your strengths? 
  • Reflect on the group or stereotype you filled in the lunchroom at school and the way you loved the safety of that place OR desired to break out OR felt a whole different way.
Mostly these prompts hinge on the fact that you're writing in a moment and only a moment. That means that tomorrow the answer could look entirely different. It's our temporality that makes writing so beautiful. We're on a never ending journey rather than a definitive quest meaning everything will change. 

Also I encourage you to get really obsessed with one thing. Writing about hope over the last (almost) month -yes I even wrote a bit on vacation- has really done some amazing things in my heart and my mind. Sometimes we need to ruminate on one thing for an extended period of time just for the practice of it. I know, it gets old and sort of tired, but just beyond that point is this lush beautiful set of ideas waiting for you to arrive. I hope you get to experience that one day. 


  1. Oh wow! These are great prompts...definitely bookmarking this post! Thanks for sharing ideas that require a little thought and could possibly turn out as fabulous blog posts!

  2. I love you for how many food metaphors this list included.

  3. Loving it. DOn't mind if I steal one or two. These days, my brain is in baby mode with news of our little arrival, but I still remember there's an entire world out there! OH, and the table Jason made you...I'm in love and looking for a rustic table myself of 144". Any chance Mr Wonderful over there would be interested in making a custom table?!?!?!?!- Lena (

  4. I love all of these! hope you're enjoying CR!

  5. These are deep and challenging and wonderful and I want to write them all. I hope you and Mr. T are having a WONDERFUL time in Costa Rica!

  6. what if my froyo is different every time? WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT ME AS A PERSON!?

  7. First off, I love your handwriting. So beautiful. Second, I'm so thankful that you took my random idea and wish and ran with it to create a list as amazing as this one. And third, your brilliant little mind is pretty incredible, sweet friend. I love these thoughts and prompts more than I can tell you...two of them have been floating around my head and I feel like you're reading my mind, which is awesome, too. I hope you're enjoying vacay...I can't wait to hear ALL about it!

  8. What thought provoking prompts - may have to write on a few... And would love to read yours one day x

  9. I love these prompts! Not your run of the mill topics but they take you to the next level, something I think we and our readers would love! Way to go girl, and thanks for sharing :)

  10. Amazing prompts! Great idea
    I've tagged you to do the Liebster Award over on my blog :)

  11. Obviously I have some weird obsession... :) Does it surprise anyone that I am constantly thinking of my next meal or snack?!?

  12. Thank youuu! Please let me know when you write on one of them so that I can read itttttt. :)

  13. Um yes PLEASE steal some and then tell me about it so I can read it! :)


  14. We loved it... And then we were thankful that we're back home. I missed our bed and space and my closet and not sweating CONSTANTLY. :)

  15. Write them all so I can READ THEM ALL and die with joy.

  16. That you're spontaneous and unpredictable. That you're adventurous and comfortable with change. That you're not into routine or boredom. Soooo, how about all those?!?! :)

  17. Oh my soul. My two favorite compliments are about my brows and my writing. LOVE.

    Girl you were the perfect person to get me started in this! :) I have another draft written up with some more post ideas in it just, you know, for another time. :)

  18. YES PLEASEEEE. I'm trying to pull together a few of the posts so they're more than just rough writes... But that always seems easier than it is! :) Enjoy America!!

  19. Definitely not run of the mill... Which might be why I'm struggling through them myself? :)

  20. Thanks Neesha! I'll have to stop by and check out your answers! ;) And thank you for the award, of course, so flattering!

  21. I actually found a place in Arkansas to make me a 14ft table, enough to fit 16-18 people. BIG family! Sunday dinner consisted of 14!!! and that's just HIS family!!!!

  22. These are really great prompt ideas, thanks for sharing them Amber! Your writing always inspires me, so I can't wait to try out a few of these :)

  23. okay that's actually not so bad. i'll take it!

  24. Love love love these. They are a little bit different and take a little more effort. My brain needs a little extra inspiration every once in a while. Thank you!

  25. I actually ordered a 14' table from Arkansas. Hopefully it will be here for Christmas! I'm sure I'll post pics!

  26. LOVE this list! I have pinned for later. My favorite: What hymn best celebrates your faith?


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