Friday, September 26, 2014

Romans 3 & 4

Yes, au naturel and overheating. But, the content this week, so rich. Paul is equal parts encouraging and convicting. I'm working on being positive in the conviction -knowing that it's presented to me because I have the strength to grow, the knowledge to understand, the faith to be glorious to Him. 

I'm hoping it's feeling the same for ya'll. 

Next week's questions are thick and heavy, but come with amazing implications so PLEASE spend time with them because I have utmost confidence you'll be encouraged and emboldened. 

Questions to ponder: 
1. Jesus has been presented as the bookend to Adam's initial sin add a helpful metaphor to Christ saying "It is finished." in John 19:30. Does this illustration help your understanding of the grace afforded us in his death? And in applying that to your faith, how does freedom find its way into your life?

2. Romans 5:12-21 talks about the grace-sin equation:
grace > sin 
This is an always statement. How does that change the way that you view your freedom to live? And how does it influence your view of the law?

Links, Links, and More Links 
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You've all heard my tips and tricks for bible study. So why not get another take? (Sage the Blog)

Calling. We talked about that last week. And it's challenges. But did you talk to your soul? (Amber Haines)

Also, the Milking Stool Ministry Facebook page. You're invited, simply request to join!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing friend! Your heart is pure gold.

  2. I love how God doesn't care about what we care about. Status, jobs, resume, house, clothes, etc. None of those things matter to him. We make them such a HUGE deal in our lives and to God it really doesn't matter. We need (as in I need) to stop putting so much pressure on all of these things and know God doesn't care about it. We (I) need to stop worrying about those things.

  3. YES. It's been so humbling (slash challenging) to break myself away from all of the preconceived notions that are what it means to have one's self together and good enough for Him. I realize I want to be perfect but THERE IS NO SUCH THING.


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