Friday, September 19, 2014

Milking Stool Ministry: Romans 1&2

So this video is a little lengthy... But we're getting in the groove still, so bear with me. How did last week go ya'll? The questions were what helped center my focus because Romans is so rich and the truth contained in there can be so overwhelming that I can't grab little pieces of it for me to work through. Little pieces that make up bigger parts -like a puzzle!

I told you. LOTS. I didn't really do anything special with my notes. Instead I wrote down the little bits of the questions and worked through them attempting to document my thought process. So, yes, definitely something to work at and through and on.

Questions and concepts for our conversations: 
1. Romans 3 is challenging to our cultural upbringing because it strips us of our "cool kids" status and humbles us to one among many (forgiven, righteous-through-faith) sinners. How does this change the way you approach Him? Or how you read your bible? Or view yourself in the "big picture" of faith and life?

2. What titles and character traits do we get to claim as ours because of His faithfulness and our belief in Him? This is rich right here. We are beloved, cherished, and righteous at the price tag of Christ, not because of our doing.

3. Balance. That ever-illusive thing we set our minds and hearts on is something the Romans struggled with too. Paul spends Romans 4 stressing about the balance between law (important to the Jews) and faith (important to the Gentiles). Do you use law to balance faith? Or are you a law-lover who's got to remind yourself of faith? How can you improve this process?

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You've got a calling -we established that. Part of acting out that calling is realizing your place. (Deeper Story)

Your story is part of His glory. (Whoa, so trite and cliche sounding, but TRUTH.) (Brenner Bunch)

Sometimes we need to realize the mess we're in, pray for help, and begin the cleaning. (Heathering Heights)


  1. Hunter and I thoroughly enjoyed reading these 2 chapters because #1 - we were reminded of God's mercy and love towards us, even when we were sinners. #2 - it reminded us how important it is to try and maintain a Jesus-like attitude and lifestyle because like it says in Romans 1:24, "God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts." Man, that's so scary when you think about it! I know for a fact that I don't want my sinful desires ruling my life; I want God ruling my life. Happy Friday chica!

  2. I love your notes and notefilled bible!!!! I can't wait for mine to look this way one day!
    thank you for the constant inspiration :)

  3. So... I totally thought I'd have a chance this morning to watch and comment - but NOPE. Yay for getting ready for my sisters wedding next week. But hopefully I will be able to watch this weekend and I have a lot of feels/thoughts about these two chapters so I'll probably end up sending you an email because no one wants emotional throw up in the comments section. lol So, yay for two emails from me in one day!

  4. A perpetual student... That's what's happening there. :) I just can't help documenting my process though sometimes it's cringeworthy to see where some of my thought processes started and then where they ended up! :)

  5. God's SO HUGE AND OVERWHELMING mercy is SUCH an amazing reminder because it sort of "points" to how sinful we really, truly are. I realize that I spent years drowning in the disappointment of my sin only to realize that God's grace and mercy are SO MUCH BIGGER than me and my sin. WHOA.


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