Friday, August 15, 2014

milking stool ministry: john 18&19

This week's stuff was powerful. Can you tell? I realized that I was near speechless in trying to talk to ya'll about His goodness and Christ's gift to us and all the things contained in just these two chapters. We're paused in the sadness. He's buried, gone, the people unsure what happens next. And, I think, right now, life's like that for me and you and us and the world.

Looking at the news (online, on TV, in the papers) you can find bad and good and then try and apply God and it just feels so heavy and scary and like WHAT COMES NEXT GOD? But, that's this week. This week in our readings focus on what's next. On what you received the moment Christ was alive. Focus on how that changes your approach to life, how you interact with and love on the world because Christ.

And, for old time's sake, here are the notes I came up with:

You'll notice they're spastic. That's because just SO MUCH information coming in and going out and flowing through all of me. It's okay to be overwhelmed and to write all kinds of word vomit-y madness because that's what's happening in your brain and heart and soul. He wired us to get jumbled in excitement and to write it out for organization's sake.

One more week together in John. One more. I'm thrilled we've done it. And I'm sad it's ending. But, let's just focus on the promise that's established because of the events in the final two chapters of John.

The verse of the week for you: 
"Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to him, went out 
and asked them, "Who is it you want?"
-John 18:4

Encouraging links for your week: 

I have been obsessing over ALL of these computer (and now iPhone) backgrounds. (Design Love Fest)

This is making its rounds around the internet, but think about how easily it could apply to our faith. (Momastery)

Disappointment abounds in life. This is so beautiful about how to handle it with grace and goodness. (Happy is a Choice)

This. Oh, and this. And this one too. And also this. And don't forget this. (Lauren Daigle Music)

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  1. I'm (finally) almost caught up! This week looks so good and I can't wait to dive into the reading!


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