Friday, June 20, 2014

milking stool ministry: john 5

He's all over. Everywhere. In pursuit of us -you, me, every single one of us. Ever present, always seeking, knocking, hoping for your heart.

Next week we're going to tackle John 6.

We're changing up the note taking tactic to a way that's even new to me. If we're honest, I loved this way to look at chapter 5 and I'm hoping it'll be as popular with all of you beauties. Break your page into four sections and take a single verse (or piece of verse) then apply it.
Application is getting easier right? I realize that practice makes less effortful, something that's a blessing in my bible study time. When you're seeking to apply the verses to your life it's important to think less literal and more big picture. Here's a few helpful questions for you to ask yourself when gleaning application: 

1. What part of this verse feels "personal" and why? 

2. Of all the verbs contained in the passage which one sticks out most? 

3. Why is this sentence convicting? -Conviction usually means application is right there in the text
Being the fan of highlighting that I am, I chose to give emphasis to the words that felt the most powerful or effectual to me. 

The (piece of the) verse for the week for you: 

"I seek not to please myself but him who sent me." 
-John 5:33b

And a few encouraging links for the week: 

And if John 5 wasn't enough of a reminder of His presence, this song shall be. (All Sons & Daughters)

I have this post tagged as a favorite because the truth contained in it is, oh, my, soul. (Auspicious Adventure)

Harkening back to John 4 and Christ's acknowledgement of Him as sustenance. (Darling Magazine)

Adam & Eve was my first bible experience. This redefined it in the best of ways. (Hannah Brencher

And, once again, our Facebook group for y'all who haven't yet joined! 


  1. This is so cool. I'm a brand new reader and I haven't watched the video. (I will when I get a chance!) but I'd love to try this new way of journaling when I read my bible.

  2. Very true that we all have something to be working on. I need to work on being satisfied with the stage we are currently at and not longing for different or "better." And I also think it's worth noting that it's ok to talk to your spouse and say listen, I can see ___ has been a struggle for you lately, and I really need you to work on it because it's not working for me. Being able to talk to each other and sometimes make demands for the health of each other and your marriage is so important. And we are biblically encouraged to work through things in community and to take care of ourselves, which sometimes means asking for action from others.

  3. Melissa McMurchyJune 20, 2014 at 7:07 AM

    Can I just say I love doing these studies. I love seeing how different we all take and read into things. I love that we can read the same chapter and verses yet come up with different ways to relate it to our lives!!

  4. Amazon habits are the worst. I'm right there with you. I also have many other things in my life that are not pointing towards God that I need to change. I love your take on John 5.

  5. Isn't it so awesome to see the way that the same words mean things different and wonderful and so full of variety for each of us? It's such a blessing to how He's touching each of our hearts in unexpected ways that are all equally beautiful.

  6. THE WORST. I have finally deleted the app off of my phone because, really, what do I "need" that should be bought RIGHT NOW when there isn't a computer at my fingertips?


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