Sunday, June 15, 2014

a father and a Father [doubt&devotion]

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It's Father's day. A day that I've decided I will not let be hard and sad and too full of missing because, well, that's not a fun way to spend any day. I made that decision not to be fell of sad so long ago. I told myself I won't wallow in my missing or lacking or any such emotion. 

But today, I miss him. I miss his laugh, his dry humor, his tough love, his brute strength. I miss beating him in sprint races because I really was faster than him. I miss losing at cards because he was cheating. I miss butting heads because we both know how to do it the right way. Today, I miss him. 

But today, He's here. He's here and reminding me of how much he lives in me. He's here and filling me with strength and dignity and a sense of humor that'll go beyond all the sad. He's here and He's silently counting the tears that have been cried, collecting the little pieces of my heart that have chipped away, healing the wounds that feel unfix-able. Today, He's here. 

While I desperately want him, He's here. And for today, I'll miss one while feeling cherished so sweetly by the other. 
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  1. I would do a post but at times I feel like my post doesn't get recognized esp since I'm usually the only post here. But today I'm dealing with alot and I'm not sure how a post would come out considering its like folks have fell off the face of the earth.

  2. You have such a beautiful soul. I mean that... I don't think I've ever known someone with such a kind, sweet, caring heart as you have... You never cease to absolutely amaze me with your strength and dignity. It is breathtaking friend...


  3. (( HUG )) He would be so proud of you, Amber. And I can say that because I've seen all the ways you've touched others, even just through this space. You've certainly touched me. You are a special, special person. XO

  4. Hi Laney! So sorry that you're going through a lot... Writing through difficult times can be SUCH a challenge, but can also be such a blessing in the chance to process emotions and events and loss (at least that's been my experience). You have been so faithful in participating in D&D and that's such a blessing to Kate and me.


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