Friday, May 30, 2014

milking stool meetings: john 1 and the point, point, point

It's here dolls. It's here. The first week where we get to go over journaling and His word and be all kinds of linky. Oh how I'm thrilled to share my feelings, convictions with you while overwhelmed about where to start.

First, the vlog for ya'll. 

Journaling comes natural to me. I've always been a note-taker, writing type. I can't seem to commit something to memory until I've written it down. I also found writing notes during college courses helped me stay focused -same goes for podcasts, sermons, any auditory media really. That said, I find it useful. I don't believe that journaling is a wonderful, fruitful experience for everyone, but have found it so refreshing for myself.

Here are my notes for John 1:

I found the application to be the most exciting part to try and work through. John became my focus for the week -though Jesus, the disciples, or even the words used to describe God are completely wonderful themes to focus on.

How'd it go for you girls?

Please be encouraged by the work that He's doing in your heart -even though it looks different than what's happening in mine. And with that, your opportunity to link on up with the Milking Stool Ministry.

In closing, I encourage you to be the bright shiny thing that He's made you to be this week. A bright, shiny thing that's got a message to share, got a joy to shower down, got a beauty to emanate.

"In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 
The light shines in the darkness, 
and the darkness has not overcome it."
 -John 1:4-5 

- - - - - - - HOMEWORK - - - - - - -
This week we're going to tackle John 2 & 3. 

These chapters are filled with some of Christ's first miracles and public displays of power. Take special note of the context or circumstances in which He is doing His thing -those aren't random or unimportant and, in fact, speak to moments that God finds valuable.

And, finally, here's the Facebook group for you. Don't be shy in requesting to join, I just want to be sure it doesn't get spammed.


  1. "Let's just be bright & shiny little things this week." So many giggles. Friday mornings are my favorite right now with this series! You're doing a good thing here, lovely!

  2. God is definitely working in my life week esp today. And it's amazing.

  3. This was so good. The truth of pointing to Jesus constantly is so obvious and yet something I struggle with. I can often feel that as I'm not a perfect example of Christianity that if I point to loudly that I'll let him down, that they'll judge him by me. Aiming for shiny and bright with subtle pointing! God Blessx

  4. This is just so exciting to me. How open and encouraging you are... How excited you are to share your interpretation of the chapter... It changes me, Amber. And for the better. I just want to make a commitment right here and right now to be a part of this link up each week. I want my heart changed, encouraged, and I want to be even braver in sharing my faith. Jesus in YOU, amazes me, Amber!

  5. Your vlog's completely pull together the reading and application for me! When I was reading John 1 I kept wondering if I was interpreting it wrong or finding wrong meaning. Then I watch your vlog and it's like, oh right - there is no wrong! I got this! Thanks for the encouragement and empowerment in this journey. (PS - The women's study bible you recommended should be delivered to my home by tomorrow! I'm so excited!)

  6. YESSS. Funny thing about this: they're my favorite too because I get up and rewatch and reread and everything and it's SO FREAKING FUN TO DO THIS WITH SUCH BABES.

    No. Big. Deal.

  7. So glad for you doll. So, so glad. :)

  8. That they'll judge Him by me. Girl, this is SUCH a valid and real feeling. I constantly think about how I'm presenting Him and myself and how bad I am at all of it... Then I remember being humble and honest goes a VERY long way and that's what's important, not being perfect. :)

  9. Girl, yes, please share because you're such a beautiful refreshing soul EVERY TIME you write something. You're full of so many brave and beautiful and encouraging things that it melts my heart.

  10. Oh yessssssss! I can't wait to hear what you think about it!

    Application is SO SCARY because there's that looming possibility of wrong and we've been ingrained with there's only two ways to be -right or wrong- when, in fact, there's SUCH a spectrum.


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