Friday, May 16, 2014

Let's Meet at the Milking Stool and Talk About Our Hearts

Welcome back for Week 2 of our bible study series! The response last week was so encouraging and beautiful, so let's start with me saying Thank you dearly. 

Today we're tackling the heart that each of us brings into bible study. A heart that's learning daily who we are in the glory and goodness of Him and what that means for each of our lives. Oh dears, so rich here.

Important Notes: 
#milkingstoolministries - our hashtag to share all the things we're learning, loving, needing

Whoa, that was a whole lot of meat. But what's important to realize is we each bring baggage and burdens to the table where we do our bible studying. We're each fearful of getting it wrong or, scarier yet, getting it right and feeling called to change. We're each nervous about how to pull out the right things and confused about how theoretical becomes practically applicable.

And, like I mentioned, there's some homework this week. Just to think on, pray on, meditate over your sweet heart. 

And the verse for this week: 
"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." -Psalm 51:10 

I encourage you to read all of Psalm 51 this week one time or a few times. Let it soak and marinate and think on the words contained there. Sometimes rich passages take me a few days to take in and Psalm 51 is a perfect example of being truth-heavy. 


  1. love the name, love the spirit behind it, i'm happy you are here on this earth honey-child!

  2. Love this love this love this.

  3. I am so excited to hear about this.
    Your honesty and pure intentions are so obvious.
    Can't wait to follow along.

  4. Hey lady!
    I love this and am totally looking forward to this series, and your heart for sharing this is SO good!

    I am refreshed and encouraged this Saturday! Thanks!

  5. I really love the heart behind this--it's so clear that you're excited about it and genuinely love sharing it with others.

    I also love the honesty, that we are all going to have baggage. I feel like we as women want to get it all right every time and the Bible can be so scary to approach because we don't want to get it wrong. At least it is for me at times. That's one perk of finding community, though, because you can have people that you email or text and be like hey, I'm reading this, I think maybe I'm misinterpreting it, what do you think?

    Thank you for starting this series and making it so approachable!

  6. I am honestly glad I found you and this blog. Truly a God sent and an inspiration. I am posting my answers here and hoping you can give me some input on it all. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks. God bless you for what you're doing.

    Weights & Burdens: worry if I'm doing the daily devotion with God right. How much time should be spent on doing it? Is there a wrong or right way to do it? How do others do it? Examples would be great. Is it ok to write in your bible or even highlight?

    Goals: How many days should I do this? Should I do it daily such as 7 years? What's the purpose of the journal? Is there a wrong way to pray? Have a better way of a daily bible study/devotion with God.

    Hopes & Dreams: Have a better and loving relationship with Christ. Think Christ life. Have a stronger faith in Christ.

  7. your sweetness and support mean oodles boo.

  8. Refreshed and encouraged -me too! (Well, at least on Saturday and Sunday I was, but Monday mornings don't hold a whole lot of that feeling)

    So excited to have you as a part of this dear girl! :)

  9. Hi Laney, I left a comment on your post about this that should have some ideas/thoughts for you on what you've left here! :) Thanks for being so excited about this and joining in the little adventure we're all undertaking!

  10. Yea I got your comment and read it. Just haven't gotten around to commenting back. Thank you so much for your help. I'm gonna put it to good use soon.

  11. Kaitlin, YES, it's SUCH a blessing to be able to turn to a friend and ask if my take is even making sense. :) I'm so thankful for friends who are okay with owning their baggage so we can be accountable to one another... Something that we're going to get to do here too! :)

    I was really nervous about starting all this up and doing it wrong, but God's been reminding me that He's made of love and grace that'll surely abound where there's space and desire for it (i.e. HERE!).

  12. Lucy, I'm so thankful you're here and engaging with this. We're going to be blessed together. :)

  13. Love, love, love your sweet soul.

  14. Oh thank you. Mostly because I adore your spirit and sweetness, but also because I was nervous it had all flopped before it started.

  15. I totally get the nerves! I think that's part of why I was totally freaked out about changing my entire blog and it took me months to actually do it. But I love being able to go check out what others are saying and know that I can post a question in a comment or in my own space and have other women who love Jesus to help! I think being bold and brave in Christ is the point of all this, and I don't think stepping out and doing it is wrong at all--I would say you're doing something quite right!

  16. I missed the first post on this (headed over now to read/watch), but I LOVE this! What a great idea to bring women together while finding faith :)

  17. I love this starting point. Totally watching these in reverse order. I will be thinking about this over the weekend.


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