Wednesday, May 7, 2014

let's make things just right.

I've read blogs since college. Since I was working my damnedest to look busy and attentive in class. Since I hardly knew what I wanted in myself, my degree, my job, my life. As I've grown and changed and defined myself, so has my taste in my readings -online and off.

But, there's just those Old Favorites (or O.F.s as my mom and I call them). They're like those sweats that you bought pre-yoga pants, all cotton and cozy, faded from all the washings, and yet, favorites. I've got O.F.s of everything -sweats, sandals, sneakers, boots, blankets, books, friends, blogs. 

And, one of those blogs happens to belong to a woman living just an hour from me. A woman with exquisite taste in wine that happens to originate mere miles from the ThomasHouse. We've emailed, commented, enjoyed watching one another online. Then, she did this crazy cool thing and said, let's have a date. And I, quite flattered and flabbergasted, said yeeeeessssssss. 

We dated this weekend. Over wine and burgers and a random wedding in the gardens. 

I was nervous. All jitters and trying on twenty-seven different outfits while cleaning random imaginary messes to soothe my excited soul. Slowly I was creating expectations, imagining conversations, planning how to be just enough, not too much, and witty all the same. Then that knock on the door happened. That knock that said, it is time.

And there she was. At my front door. Like a little bit of celebrity standing on my porch. Quickly we're off and talking and wining and dining and laughing at how well she knew my hometown in light of my lackingness. I've always tailored myself -holding tight to the Goldilocks' Goal that says not to be too much or too little, but instead, just right. 

At dinner our table was small, yet the space was large for us to seek and share in a way that was completely new to me.We acknowledged how we are such opposites -honestly and gently with humor and care- while realizing how much we are the same. There was conversation about the faith we know, the friends we cherish, the family we love along with a realization we are cut from the same cloth and life's dealt us two differing hands.

It felt freeing. Like being locked in a stuffy room with many sweet people which seems good, even great, until blessedly, a window cracks open allowing for a gust of fresh air, flushing new life into the space, creating space more than recycled air (and opinion). Freshness you've been desiring for much time without even realizing it. Air you desperately needed for growth and renewal though you hadn't the slightest idea of it's absence.

All that wondering and worrying about being too much and too little was for naught, because, you silly Goldilocks, authenticity is what makes things just right


  1. It's so freeing to know that differences won't make or break a friendship. In fact, it's probably more freeing to realize that these differences make the friendship MORE authentic and real. I am so glad you had a great time with JJ. She seems like a cool lady!

  2. theblahblahblahgerMay 7, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    What a lovely surprise!!! I LOVED our first date and can't wait to do it again. You are wise and fun and a breath of fresh air. It felt like we were old friends...
    And I'm not sure that we're such opposites, but rather similar souls on different roads. ;)
    Have a wonderful day, sweets! XOXO!

  3. YES, similar souls on different roads. I knew there was a way to say it that was better or best and THAT is it... Sometimes those darn words just get so sticky in my brain. ;)

    And yes, old friends, new friends all realized in a single space of time which is such a beautiful experience that seems to be a marvelous miracle in itself.

  4. Seems like the week for blogger dates! I'm so happy our community builds friendships!

  5. How fun!!! I love your mom's "O.F.s" ... I will have to use that from now on. I am really hoping I can someday meet some of my favorite blogger friends! :)


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