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just a smidge of potty talk.

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One time my high school pastor posed a difficult question: "Would you eat a brownie if you knew the batter had diarrhea in it? Even just two tablespoons?" 

I guess, it wasn't that difficult, no I wouldn't eat it. 

He was explaining how our choices were the same. Even just a little bit of bad spoils all the good. And, at sixteen, I said yes, a little bit of bad is all bad. I thought, wow being good will be so easy now. Just say no to any and all things with even just a hint of bad. 

Then, I thought, if no one told you about the secret diarrhea ingredient, would you know? Would you know there's a little bit of bad in all that chocolate goodness? You might eat three or four and not know. You might say these are the best brownies to pass my lips. You might want the recipe for yourself. 

And Christ, he came to give you that recipe. To shed light on the shitty, secret ingredients. To say, there are better offerings for you my dear child. He came with a new way to make things right. A way that was hard, scary, painful, while being rewarding, love-filled, awesome. 

Jesus didn't come for the all good, no diarrhea souls. He didn't come to make our flesh all good, no bad perfection.  If there wasn't mess -big or small in portion- Jesus would be irrelevant. He came for the messiest, ugliest, saddest, shittiest of us. 

He wouldn't have created that intersection where revelation of our poor ingredients and the opportunity for betterment meet if we were all good, all tasty, all perfect-like. And, though I hate to admit it, I'm thankful I'm allowed to have my shit, to turn it over to Him, to be made tasty and good and anew. 


  1. How you can take talking about poop into a talk about faith amazes me!! I just love you and this post was amazing!! xo

  2. This made me laugh but it's really true though. The pop brownie analogy also makes me think into relation of what kind of movies we watch.
    Okay, there is just ONE short sex scenes it's just a ONE table spoon of dirt so the rest of it should be fine.


  3. I agree!! Give this girl one word and she will turn it into faith that will just amaze anyone!!

  4. Seriously I love your blog and how you turn anything into faith. I wish I had your faith and love in God. I need to get back into spending time in the word.

  5. "Just a little bit of poop in the brownie" is something my old pastor's wife used to say to me and her daughter when we would listen to music or watch TV that was even slightly negative. Even though my beliefs and what I consider right and wrong have changed just a bit since then, I still think about it. I still remember that I need to be 100% positive, 100% doing what I believe is right.

  6. ALEXANDRA BOOTHBYMay 4, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    thanks for sharing.

    I would be honoreed if you would follow my journey with Huntington's disease.

  7. I could not wait to read this once I saw the title. You are amazing.

  8. EXACTLY what Laura said! My favorite thing about you're writing is how you can teach a lesson through absolutely anything. Oh, I adore you friend. I'm so thankful He came for the crappy ones! ;)


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