Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to Grow Your Instagram: Tips From a Photo-Fanatic

This post was originally post on Hello Neverland as a part of her creativity and happy-chasing guest posts. 
We've all read those trite bits of advice where you're told to use hashtags, connect with other Instagrammers, share your photos on Twitter and Facebook, but you've already heard those tips and applied them and, well, not much has changed. So, do those plus these
I read somewhere once that the best way to change the way you see the world is to change your physical perspective. It seems so obvious, until you're in a bad mood and actually do it. The same goes for your pictures. As you move the placement of the lens different things become obvious or in focus then would be from eye-level. Plus, it makes you look artsy.

Just like readers of your blog have expectations when they come to your space, followers will come to your Instagram looking for themes and some predictability. Don't feel stuck in a niche or routine, but do create some stability amongst your pictures for them to enjoy. For me, this looks like #OOTD and books with perfect coffee foam pictures. Find what you enjoy creating regularly, then go with it. 

I've created three hashtags for the year: #teamthomas2014, #hazeldoes2014, and #thomashouse2014. They allow me to keep this year's pictures in one place for future reference (like when I make our 2014 photo book) while also creating a story line for my IG followers to enjoy perusing. It's a simple habit to get into and it'll create a cohesiveness in your shots.

I encourage you to try these three out for a month and see how things grow. Don't forget to find me on Instagram so we can share in this experiment! And for those who want a little more filter and photo-editing fun, come on over to my spot to learn a little bit about how I use VSCOcam, my new favorite editing app.

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