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doubt&devotion: living & loving

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I worry about every little thing. From what shoes look best with my outfit to what the weather's going to be like the eleventh day from now, every little thing. I worry that I drink too much wine and coffee and too little water. I worry that I'm doing things wrong, that God's in Heaven frustrated with wrong I am, how off my intentions and effort seem to be.

The worry about being wrong can be so strong that I'm paralyzed in action or, worse, I avoid doing anything. My frustrations with my frozen-ness left me abrupt and short -surely unbecoming of me and my faith. Then, a truth came crashing down like an anvil from the heavens that changed my perspective.

If we shifted our goal from trying to be as great as Jesus to loving as Jesus did we'd be less stressed about our small choices and circumstances and become more focused on loving others. 

You. Me. Love. Jesus. I've not once seen an act done in love that's unbecoming. Not once. So, this week shall be a week of living in love with those around me and out of the love He has for me.
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  1. Amen, mission accepted.

  2. What a wonderful post! Very challenging and convicting. Can't wait to link up next week :)

  3. Oh my goodness I am such a worrier too!! "loving as Jesus did" what a great way to look at it! Thanks for your words as always my darling xo


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