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doubt & devotion: you know.

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I sat next to an atheist in art class in high school. Then a two week trip to Italy arose and I went to Italy on an art trip with an atheist. I was a God-believing, bible-loving girl. Despite our fundamental differences in belief, he and I gravitated towards one another. Opposites attract -I believe it. I didn't want to date him -which was saying a lot for my hormone-raging, boy-crazy teenage self. But, he just had this thoughtfulness about him that I needed to understand. My guess, he'd have said the same.

In the heart of the Vatican City, we started a conversation that endured many months until summer break slipped in and split up our neighborliness. The conversation about my faith and his disagreement with it.

Once he said, Amber, how do you know? Do you always know? 

Quite honestly, I told him, No. I don't. I don't always knows. I don't hardly know. But I believe. And for me, that's enough. 

He said, Amber, one of us is wrong.

And I said, yes, one of us is wrong. And if it's me, I'm proud to have lived loving and following a faith that's hard and yet rewarding, that's difficult and yet comforting, that's encouraging and yet challenging.

He said, You know. 

I don't think he meant I know all the things I believe -I don't. Or that he agreed with my beliefs -he didn't. But he knew that I was sure of my path -I was, I am. And, for us, that was enough.
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  1. i tried to grab the button the box where the code is, there is no code, its blank! i can't copy it.

  2. Oh my gracious, that story gave me chills. Loved this post, friend. Such a deep thought!

  3. Thank you girl! I think I've got it fixed... Though I realize some of this stuff is a little bit over my head still! :)

  4. Such a sweet story!

  5. Sarah [life of love]May 14, 2014 at 8:24 AM

    I don't comment on your blog nearly enough, but you're one of my favorite bloggers, Amber. Just FYI.

    In other news, it's really refreshing to hear someone doubt their faith (well, be unsure about the Existence [capital E] of God) but still say that faith is belief beyond knowing. It's just really nice.


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