Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#ThomasHouse2014: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

It's no secret that Jason and I fell in love with doing it ourselves the moment we began searching for a home. The man had our headboards made before we had our priorities straight for goodness sake! And while we've agreed on tackling change after change with a "we can do it!" attitude, our choice in tools and tricks has surely differed the entire way! 

While Jason's busy with his table saw and router and drill, I've mastered the sand and paint. In fact, I managed to turn all my redoing into a bit of market research. 

But first, meet Annie Sloan. The queen of Chalk Paint. By chalk paint, I don't mean chalkboard. I mean, paint that is of a matte, velvety finish. Paint that lends that vintage color and an ease of application. You see, this paint sticks to anything and everything sans sanding. (Though I chose to do some to ensure flat, smooth surfaces) 
Jason's dad gave us three gorgeous pieces that were were from his childhood. We both adored the solid wood, beautiful legs, and family history that came with them. However, they were in desperate need of some paint and a little love. Nothing Annie and I couldn't manage. 

After sanding the top of the dressers and a few rough spots in the existing paint on the drawers I got to painting. Three coats of paint later and I've got a gorgeous piece of furniture. Finish that baby off with some wax (I mixed the clear and dark) together to give off that dirty-chic quality. 

This paint's more versatile than a chambray shirt. Check it out I redid my white rooster. 
The process of painting is simple: paint. Several layers that dry within a half hour (on mildly warm spring days - faster in summer, slower in winter) and smile because it already looks so damn cute. 

It's the wax where my mom and I got stuck. So we did what all smart girls do: YouTube. And that didn't help as much as we wanted so we took a class. And we realized the YouTube stuff was right we were just being shy. Because the trick with the wax is there's really no such thing as too much but if you feel like you're in that zone simply wipe it down with mineral spirits and try again. So shy we were. 
There's clear wax and dark wax. The clear is simply that: clear, see through, but gives the paint a little finished, soft finish. The dark wax looks like poop (seriously). But once you get it spread around and buffed just right it looks like vintage-country-dirty chic. Dark wax is intimidating and scary, but, once again, mineral spirits solve all those terrible situations you're worrying about, I promise. 

Evidence: our dark wood armoire turned blue and white beauty and my "new" pink craft dresser.
And white shelves turned black. And that adorable teal lunchbox transformed from a silver metal filler to an original Amber Thomas statement piece.
But my crown jewel: our bannister. The level of work and patience this required as ridiculous since the transformation from 1990's oak to 2014 #ThomasHouse shabby-country chic was so stark. We -you tea that both Jason and I- love the way it turned out so my pride is through the roof! I did gently scuff up the edges of everything to keep the shabby-country-chic scheme going. 
Here's a blurry(ish) Before and After shot for you. Mostly the contrast is what's important here and you'll get that in the blur! 
Some tips and tricks with the Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax system: 

-Rags in a Box from Home Depot (or Amazon) are your best friend ever. Though they appear to be paper towels they are not. These rags are single use, but so much more durable than their Bounty Quicker Picker Upper cousins. There's lots of apply then rub off that goes on and you don't want to have to worry about how to remove the wax from towels but you need something durable. Hi Rags in a Box. 
-Their color palette is bright, yet vintage. You can always mix in white to help tone things down. We did this at my mom's house and the only important piece there is to make sure you've got the portions noted so you can mix more should you need to.
-If the paint is wet, it'll come off. So when you've lost your mind and you're repainting your bannister and some of the paint gets on the white runner below the wood, wipe it off with a wet towel. Or better yet, with a damp Rag in a Box!
-Use their special paintbrush. When you buy the paint there's a paintbrush they'll suggest, yes the paint really does go on better with it. We used a different brush on one piece and I still can't help but notice how the dried texture of the paint is different (read: bugs me).
-Don't be shy. Just don't, no one likes a shy girl. Okay, not true, but I just made that up to encourage you to go for it.

**This post was not sponsored in any way by Annie Sloan. I happen to love the paint that much and think you beauties deserve to know what rocks and what doesn't. For the record: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint rocks.**


  1. You can come decorate my new house, kthanksbye

  2. I love this! We use fat paint for our chalk paint!!!! Thomas house is coming together

  3. I love the bannister! It looks fantastic :) I really like the kind of scruffed up look on the dressers.

  4. my little shabby chic california girl. if we end up getting a dresser for the baby's room, i will keep these in mind for sure!

  5. Brittany RasmussenApril 15, 2014 at 6:34 AM

    I wonder if that paint would work on the desk I have at home. It has this weird layer of something shiny and hard on the top of the desk, on the writing surface, maybe vinyl or some fake "glass" or something that cant be sanded? I cant remember what its called but I want to paint it so bad!

  6. The painted pieces look great! I'm in the process of repainting a few things in my home so I'll definitely consider this paint. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Everything looks so perfect! Your banister especially. My goodness you two should go into business! I am also happy that you have an obsession with roosters as I do :)

  8. Brooks @ Cotton & BootsApril 15, 2014 at 7:13 AM

    And now I need a home to decorate so I can use all these tips. Thanks.

  9. The banister is perfect. I'm scared to paint furniture.

  10. These all look great! I can't even imagine painting that banister, you rock.

  11. Wow, it all looks SO great!! I'm inspired to do this too one day. (And totally jealous that you got to use a sander machine thing!) (X says I'm not allowed to use any equipment I can't yet properly call by its real name.)

  12. I love that bannister! It turned out amazing!!

  13. SUPER impressed with the DIY skills, missy! Um, so I have a four bedroom home that needs some TLC, wanna take a trip to sunny south FL?


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