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Oh to be Satisfied

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We all know the stories of Jesus taking a handful of loaves of bread and turning them into provisions for thousands. It's part of the story shared in Sunday school.

He preaches for days.
People listen with rapt attention.
Jesus realizes they might be hungry by now.
So he provides for each of them though his supplies are minimal.
They eat and there's extras.
They were satisfied.

They listened, they're hungry, he provides, they eat and they are satisfied.

He's not here preaching to us in literal, physical ways. But He's here, present, aware of our needs. He sees our hunger and our thirst and He longs to fill those needs, satisfy those appetites. But, what am I hungering for?

Lately, it's more of Him. Pouring through His words, reading memoirs about faith, hungering for grace and love and mercy. But it's also more clothes in my closet, more money in my bank account, more beautiful, decorative things.

Last week I talked about being satisfied with my friendships. And I meant it. But, in being satisfied there, I realize I'm hungry, oh so hungry, elsewhere. I guess, in the majority of life, I'm hardly satisfied. Hardly. I'm sure it's about contentment, about counting one's blessings, about forgetting the comparisons. But, it's also about focus. 

Where am I looking? For His preaching for days? Am I so busy being in His presence I'm no longer looking about for something, anything?Because that state of rapt attention on Him shall bring me His blessing, shall ensure He is watching over me, shall bring provision.

And then I wonder: what is today's equivalent of that bread and fish?


  1. I think that today's equivalent is love and acceptance. We hunger and thirst SO much to have those around us love us and accept us for who we truly are, even when in fact, we have no idea. We use social media to blend and hash tag our daily events to try to fit into a category and create new surroundings. But, in reality, shouldn't we have that in ourselves before we go searching for it? Doesn't God always accept and love us, just as we are? The fact that you're looking for Him, shows that you accept his love and devotion. Not to worry, my dearest, He hears your every word.

  2. I often really struggle with being satisfied, in most areas of my life. You're so right, though, being satisfied really does depend on your perspective. So I guess a perspective change is what I should be seeking.

  3. You, Lena, are such a wise and beautiful soul. The way you enrich these conversations is something I cannot even begin to express to you. But I can say this, you are inspiring me to think. And, oh, how I love thee.

  4. Trust me: your words of wisdom and grace and kept me calm during this storm in my life. So, it is to YOU, dearest Amber, that I keep near and dear to my heart!


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