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in which gates and dreams and foundations collide.

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I have an entire Pinterest board about dreams. it's supposed to feel inspirational. It's supposed to be a visual reminder of how to go and do and be and think and find. They tell me dream larger. Grow into my dreams. Run fast in pursuit of my dreams. Don't stop dreaming. There's always time for another dream. Dream, dream, dream.

For the better half of a year I've approached that board pleading for the answers to lie there. I've said to myself it's there in those boards that I will find the words to start writing offline. To start that book that fills so many of my thoughts. Because everyone is inspired by all those amazing words and pictures, right?

My words kept falling short. I'd sit down to write offline and I'd freeze. I'd be frustrated and scared and frozen. Doodles, scribbles, and anger, but not a single word.

Then John 10 happened to me again. It's happened before, it's been interesting and made that narrow is the road point. But this time it said something different.

"Therefore Jesus said again, 'Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep." 
-John 10:7

Jesus as a gate. Such an everyday object, such a functional bit, easily metaphorical. But then. Then I thought of how Christ was the biggest idea ever. He was a dream come true -quite literally- for all the ends of the earth. And yet, he was practical.

He wasn't the path itself. Nor was he the big, bold mountains through which you have to hike once you pass the gate. Nor the reward at the end. He was the practical difference between here and there.

Jesus provided a practical foundation on which the rest of God's plan, God's dream and design for His children, could be built. He served as a vehicle for greatness and for history to be made and for freedom and hope.

When I turn to write, I lose site of my practical foundation. I kick the gate and run the path wondering where it is that discovery occurs, words flow, creativity abounds. Until John 10. That begs me to see that gate, pause and take it in, find inspiration in its job.

So, I'm hanging on my hinges, rubbing against the long grasses, and letting the wind push me back and forth. I'm opening with a spirit of welcome, allowing in the ideas and creativity that shall provide the practical foundation on which this dream must be built.
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Practically, I don't know what this gate-li-ness looks like: other than awkward and ill-fitting for a girl that's more comfortable in the seeking than the observing. But, I do know that it'll be blessed and helpful and a change in perspective. It might mean my content is all over the place here, it might mean more quiet times, it might mean no notable changes as far as Mr. Thomas and Me. Regardless, bear with me? Better yet, join me.

Yes, join me. Because what better way to let our feet be the foundation on which our dreams are built. Because some days this will suck -this dreaming and doing thing- and we shall lift one another up, remind ourselves of the importance in the effort, the beauty in doing together.
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  1. My dearest Amber, how my heart longs to fill yours with the joy that you spread with your words. How powerful a a sentiment to see His son as our gate, our pathway to light. We are mere sheep searching for our Shepard . Each day, each dawn shall provide that light you (and all of us) so desperately seek. Do not let any darkness in, for the light is too great great, too full of love to let anything ever happen to you. As usual, thank you for sharing and reminding us what comes of the "good book". Lots of love, Lena.

  2. i don't even know how to begin to start writing a book. writing offline used to be something i was pretty good at, and for some reason, it's fallen off. it doesn't feel "purposeful" enough or something, you know?obviously me trying to overthink things. i personally can't wait until i see the book that you ARE going to write!!

  3. I absolutely love this! Stumbled across your blog and I was instantly drawn to your love for God and all that encompasses that amazing love. I can't wait to see where this cute blog goes!

  4. I love this! I love it when the Lord speaks directly to us and give us an answer - though it's usually not the answer we's guidance. Thank you for the inspiration, Amber!


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