Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter is for eggs and life and encouragement.

Happy Easter weekend dear friends. 

Though tomorrow is usually Doubt&Devotion, I hope you're spending it with your family and not wrestling through hard things.

I hope you feel overwhelmed with hope, renewed by the beauty of Spring and it's new life, and are binging on chocolate eggs. If you haven't, pick up a bag of Cadburys. I promise your mouth will thank you, though your tummy won't.

Today, and tomorrow, I'm thinking of you all, cherishing the community He's built here, thankful for your grace, honesty, sweetness. I'm praying for your lives, your hearts, your dreams. Thanking Him for the beauty I'm surrounded by and begging for you to feel the same.

He lives today friends. 
Despite our fear, our worry, our darkest of moments, He lives.


Feel free to share with me... In fact, your words do more for me than mine for you.

I reserve the right to remove negative interactions... This is a space to share, to inspire, to laugh, and to cry - while everyone is entitled to an opinion, no one is entitled to spread hurtful words.

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