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Doubt&Devotion: Humble Knees and Mellow Hearts

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I always get weirded out by those people who drop to their knees during worship at church. Like, we'll all be worshiping and enjoying the beat of the music, my heart will be in a place of focus on Him. And then, they drop to their knees. I immediately snap right out of the moment I'm sharing with Him and stare at their Floorfest. (Immature, yes, but it's truth)

It fascinates me the way others can feel so moved by Him they feel drawn humbly to their knees. And then, the other day, it clicked. I realized that their kneeled position illustrates an intense commitment to humility. And humility says something so beautiful about faith.

Our ability to humble ourselves defines the depth of our faith and trust.

Humbling moments allow our spirits to bow to Him. And, sometimes, as we bow to Him, we are also bowing down for those around us to see. Allowing others to see you in an emotionally vulnerable position is trusting in Him to protect you -be it from harsh words, emotional exploitation, or spiritual stresses.

So, next time when they kneel and I get distracted, I'm going to let myself be inspired instead of immature. Inspired to live a life for Him that abandons my worries about the opinions of the people around me -whether in person or online- and centers solely on Him.

Though, you'll most likely never find me kneeled in quiet submission, I hope a humility and kindness seeps out of my writing -and my attitude- in ways that point so boldly to Him.
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  1. I sometimes get distracted by how others are worshiping too. There was a time when I was absolutely convinced that it mattered how I moved my body. Really good Christians were on their knees or raised their hands. Now I am comfortable enough in my faith to understand that the heart matters most.

  2. I need to get around and do a post for this but I always feel that i will get off topic and what i say what fit in with the title. Doubt & Devotion.


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