Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#ThomasHouse2014: The Dinner Table

It's Tuesday. That means time for talk about the #ThomasHouse. And, while it seemed like the perfect day to show you around some sweet space in our home, I can't. Because I could show you the table we made, the chairs we picked, and our wedding bouquet upon the table. I'd detail the process of creation and destruction, the balance between the new of the table and the old of my aesthetic. You'd oooh and you'd aaaaah and you'd tell us good job.

But that's not what our dinner table is about. And, I'd be doing it injustice trying to make it showy when it's empty. When there's no plates, wine glasses, mason jars of water gracing it's creamy, beaten surface the table means nothing. It's nothing without a smattering of dishes, a serving tray or three covered in crumbs, hands moving in the choreography of feasting.

Saturday night, my 25th birthday, we had friends over. Friends just months old in our lives and precious, friends decades old and dear, family more friend than blood -all loved. We gathered around the table, consumed. We partook of one another laughing deep in our bellies, sharing details tiny and unimportant, bookmarking special bits of our years together, gobbling cupcakes like school children.

At one moment, time slowed as though it was an iPhone video in replay. I sat in pause gazing at the room we created chockfull of people I love. And my celebratory soul filled with a sensation unlike any other. I knew in that moment: these are my people. My people who are filled with manly laughs of men and giggles of ladies, who hold their respective beverage in one hand while the other slaps a knee in pure hilarity, each and every face cracked large and brilliant with smiles.

These are my people. People I feel drawn to, who I want to invest in with much time and energy, who are mine regardless of the stats, the bank balance, the number on the scale. And, for the first time in a long time, I felt filled up just right -like a Chipotle food baby for my soul. I felt soaked in blessing like a rosebud whose first petals are covered in spring sun and encouraged by such unabashed warmth.

Yes, #ThomasHouse made it through it's first party. It tried out it's new title as a gathering place and, in our humble opinion, it felt just right. Leaving in it's wake a sense of accomplishment and pride. Many a gathering will happen around that table. And maybe, just maybe, one day a picture will be snapped. Until then you'll just have to trust me.


  1. We had people over Saturday night (mind you our house is still empty)- but looking around at our friends and family sitting in lawn chairs and eating off a folding table- I was just so truly happy. It's definitely a good feeling :)

  2. Brooks @ Cotton & BootsMarch 25, 2014 at 6:32 AM

    This just makes me even more excited for y'all and now I can't help dreaming that could be us one day, to have what y'all have.

  3. What a blessing that you had your house full of love to celebrate your birthday!

  4. I can't wait to get this same feeling! We just moved to our new house this past weekend and it's still a mess. Even though I am looking forward to the clutter being gone, I am definitely looking more forward to just having some family and friends over and sharing our new home with them!

  5. Isn't it amazing to see people enjoying the space that you're working so hard to make right for gathering and hosting? I went to bed with SUCH a smile on my face after everyone left and loved it. :)

  6. Girl, it's such an amazing feeling. And it's so hard because you're shopping and working so hard to find a house that feels "right" but then, with the right people in it, there's no way to deny the perfect fit!

  7. You'll get it girl. We were in overload working all week last week to make sure that everything was done(ish) for the party... Talk about stress. But, the best part, there's NO MORE cardboard! Congratulations on your move! ;)

  8. Such an honest blessing Susannah. And one that I would never have expected to have just three months ago!


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