Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things I Ponder -As of Late

Here are the tough thoughts I've been working through lately.

-  If you cut a crow in half would the inside be as dark as the outside?
-  Who assigns the dates to days like National Donut Day and National Spaghetti Day?
-  Is there such a thing as too much coffee?
-  How does camera angle make such a difference in the way I look?
-  Where are my glasses after this move?
-  When socks disappear, does the dryer eat them?
-  If I opened a bookshop would it be socially acceptable to spend the day reading?
-  Is color coding a love language?
-  Who can I hire to invent a robot that files all the things?

Please, share your latest ponderings. Or the answers to mine. And, did you see the big announcement last Friday? Maybe expand your ponderings a little broader these next few weeks.

I wrote one of my favorite posts yesterday. Just in case you missed it. And today I'm taking over The Blog Baton on Instagram if you're itching for more of me than what's here. 

Finally, are you joining me in celebrating my birthday month in the #sayyesproject Instagram challenge?


  1. Brooks - The Handey WayFebruary 27, 2014 at 5:56 AM

    I want the job of assigning National Days, I bet a lot of research has to go into it. Or not. Either way, it sounds pretty cool.

  2. i used to work in a bookstore and i spend the day was wonderful!!

  3. Oh the case of the missing our house, the dryer only eats MY socks, never my husband's. Never. So weird.

  4. You should open a bookstore. That would be lovely to get paid to read all day!! I can't wait for this challenge.

  5. Things I ponder:

    Why don't we live closer so we can drink wine and laugh together?
    How can one hug someone from 3,000 miles away?
    Why can't I get paid to do nothing?

    Oh how I miss thee. Especially this week.

  6. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvFebruary 27, 2014 at 8:06 AM

    Ah yes the naming of those very important holidays. Personally, I ponder: How much do people who name nail polish colors get paid? Why is cheese and chocolate so bad for my hips? Can't wait for the photo challenge!

  7. I would LOVE to own/work in a all the books! Also I want to know who gets to name nail polishes at OPI...that would be the coolest job ever!

  8. ugh. fine. i'm participating. you got me. I'LL DO IT STOP PESTERING ME!
    j/k you knew i was going to all along. also, my pondering as of late has been: is it acceptable to only wear maternity pants from now on, because ELASTIC WAISTBANDS!!

  9. About the socks--seriously, what happens??

  10. I have an answer for the missing socks.... Last xmas when my mother-in-law was here, I was very pissed because I was missing socks AGAIN and she told that if you fill the washer too high with
    clothes that it pushes them over the edge, like on the top where the water also goes, and into the pipes. I have not lost a sock since she told me that.

  11. I love this post! Some things I ponder:
    Why are non-stretchy pants a thing?
    Why is travel so expensive?
    Why can't ice cream sundaes promote weight loss?

  12. Can you believe that I have actually found that my washing machine eats socks? I've found a few stuck underneath the rubber ring.

  13. Colouring Coding is totally a love language! There's never too much coffee and camera angles are fascinating and magic!

  14. Socks and bobby pins... where do they all go?!

  15. When you get that person hired to invent a robot to file everything for you, make sure one is made for me, too! Also, coffee all day every day! Never too much coffee!

  16. Totally with you on the camera angle thing, it's insane. I ponder about where all my kirby grips get to. They just wander off on their spindly legs I'm sure.

  17. Coffee: Yes, you can drink too much. It's called a 28 hour sleep deprivation drive. Socks: they get stuck in the lint trap OR you come to realize, heck, sometimes you only threw ONE sock in. Glasses: something tells me you're organized. They are in the box marked "Kitchen" silly girl!!!


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