Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Queue the Tears. Kleenex Advised.

After much work, sweat, and some tears, we spent the night in the house. It's fun to wake up and wander through the house in the morning with my cup of coffee and Hazel's loud, snorty self slipping on the wood floors. The last week has been the Hell Week of Homeownership... Only to be surpassed by the Hell Week of Football Season. 

My arms and legs, back and hips, hands and knees are sore in ways that I've never known before. But, more than those muscles, I've really been working out my tear ducts. Oh how good I am at the whole crying bit. So much so, I got to laughing hysterically over it on my drive home from work the other day. What better way to share my skill with you than with a good ol' fashion GIF post. 

I introduce 
the cry-baby spectrum. 

1. The I'm-not-crying, I-don't-need-to-cry cry. 

2. The angry, dramatic, talking cry. 

3. The secret crying in bed cry. 

4. The runny mascara, hyper-ventilating cry. 

5. The hide in my car, self-pity cry. 

6. The ugly, whole-body cry. 

7. The elated, can't-control-my-joy cry. 

And Jason's response:
Which is usually followed by a: 

And, with that, I'm off to buy more kleenex and retrieve my frozen eye mask. Speaking of the eye mask, do you have one of these? Because this is glorious in all ways divine, especially after a good, long cry that makes your eyes all puffy and swollen. Kiss the morning cry face hangover goodbye. 


  1. you forgot the ugly-face, claire danes cry. she's the best ugly crier!

  2. Haha, oh girl...crying at everything is like the theme of my life. Chris doesn't even ask why I'm crying anymore. It's to be expected! ;)

  3. i cried at a coffee commercial the other day. caught both mister man and me completely off guard, because i normally only cry at important things. these hormones, they are not to be messed with! i totally understand the moving tears though. if i hadn't seen a flasher in my apartment building right before we moved, i would have had way more nostalgia tears than frustrated ones though...

  4. I'm right there with you! If I'm good at one thing, I'm good at crying!

  5. Happy, happy times! I cry at every little thing so I totally feel your pain. I am totally trying that mask ;)

  6. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvFebruary 19, 2014 at 7:08 AM

    oh girl, I'm the queen of ugly criers! Have no shame, I look at it as a badge of honor, we are soaking up all of life (and then our tear ducts wring it all out) :)

  7. Husbands always seem somewhat offended at how much we cry...

  8. I cry over EVERYTHING! Good things, bad things, things that shouldn't require crying at all. And my fiance just sits there like "Uhh... whyyy??? It's ok.. nothings wrong...?" I feel bad for anyone exposed to my insanity.

  9. This was so hilarious, I can't even handle it. So glad I'm not the only crier! ;)

  10. Oh gosh, I cry at everything these days. I don't know what's happening to me as I am now familiar with all of these crys. When men ask me why I cry now, I just tell them it's therapeutic. haha

  11. I am a super cry-baby too. Anything makes me cry it's really annoying. Happy, sad, mad, tired whatever I have shares in kleenex.

  12. Crying, ah...Have you gotten to the point of tears and that runny mascara look and started to laugh??? Yeah, sometimes it's a better to cry it allllll out and then realize, why the hell was I crying and was it worth it?


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