Thursday, February 13, 2014

On the Eve of Valentine's

Today, the Eve of Valentine's, it would make sense to write about romance and love and how good it is to have both. Believe me, I know all that. And you do too. So, let's spare ourselves the sappy shit.

When Ashten posted about her Galentine's project, I thought it was awesome and sweet and lovely. Then, I got to thinking about how one-dimensional Valentine's can be. Why is the only love that's focused on that which is romantic? While I love the sweetness that is Jason and I, I cannot help but think of the years of my life was spent not knowing such love, but, instead, being nurtured and raised in other types of love. So when are we celebrating those? The answer is: Today, Valentine's Eve.

Love like that of our family. 
The people who know us day in and day out, who love us dearly year after year despite our immaturity or frustration, who make us feel our best and take care of us in our worst, who make us happy and whole while being the absolute best at driving us absolutely nuts. 

And of our friends. 
Platonic. Surpassing generations, enduring decades, filling our hearts and souls. Those who we aren't forced to be close with, but are, because they do something beautiful in our lives. The group of people around to cheer us on when we feel our weakest, our least, and to celebrate our wins when we're strong and awesome. 

And for our hobbies and passions. 
For some of us it's running, other's hiking, other's drinking wine, and many blogging. Nonetheless how full does it make your heart. It spurs on those moments of life that feel full of life and of force and love. And how it makes our heart a little bit healthier day by day (at least for us exercise loving freaks!). 

And of our place in life [RIGHT NOW]. 
Be it a home, an apartment, a job, a car. We're in a specific spot right now as a result of so many things. And we won't be in this spot, just like this, ever again. So, let's celebrate the little things we love that got us here and that'll get us there because next year it'll look entirely different.

And some of our favorite things.
Like red wine, flat bread pizzas, blueberries and yogurt parfaits, infused water, mason jars, early morning runs with head lamps, the smell of puppies, statement sweaters, boots on boots on boots, snuggles in the cold of night, flannel pajamas, wonderful datess out on the town and the list goes on. 

Oh, and two years ago today we met the sweet Hazel-nut. And, goodness we love her. 
Happy Valentine's Eve Pals.
Have an extra glass of wine or chocolate or something tonight. 


  1. Yes! All of this love is worth celebrating and remembering. I made Valentine's cards for all of my little siblings this year, sometimes in the past I've gone out with friends...and tomorrow night we're going to the Bible study where we first met, so it's both romantic and we get to be with friends we've known for years! Score!

  2. wine+chocolate+snow day? Eff yes.

  3. This is a great post! I always use Valentines Day as a way to tell my family and friends that I love them. I tell Greg I love him all the time so I make an effort to say it instead to those who I rarely tell. Didn't even think about love for passions and possessions and things - so much love! :)

  4. YES! That's what I'll be celebrating this Valentines Day. Being happy where I'm at! (And proclaiming my love for wine.)

    P.S. Got so excited/confused when I saw my button on your sidebar!! I totally forgot about HHH! :)

  5. This is so cute! What a sweet Valentine's day post. I always love seeing what other bloggers favsies are! xoxo Amanda


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