Monday, February 10, 2014

And This is How I Say I Love You.

Hey you handsome devils, it's me, Hazel-nut once again. Did you come by today just to see my pretty face? I knew you would.Rumor has it this week is all about spreading the love. And, while love is fine and dandy with a beauty like myself, I've got to tell you about what Valentine's means to me.

Valentine's for my sweet, spicy, sexy soul smells like home, like the cologne of a hardworking man attempting to hold off the baby train, like new people soon to be old, every day loves. Valentine's tastes like hand lotion off the hands of a young, newlywed girl doting on me, like bones and treats galore. Valentine's looks like two young bucks looking over the edge of my cardboard box while I put on my best puppy-dog eyes, like chaotic circles run round the kitchen for those two who I long to have take me home. It feels like nervous piddles on the tile floor of the house I was born in with deep anticipation of having a family, like soft hands scratching behind my ears and tugging at the many wrinkles in my over-sized coat, like family.

You see, two years ago on Valentine's Day, I met Team Thomas for the very first time. They looked nervous and excited. She cooed over me and attempted to lure me into her shaky arms. He laughed at my skittish nature and little whines. I ran like a maniac trying to show my athleticism and speed. Mostly, we fell in love. 

And that's when my life as the world's most loved on, spoiled rotten, attitude loaded dog began. So, here's a little then and now for you. Because what better way to celebrate this day than remember the way we were... And how much life still looks the same, but better, of course.  
I still sleep all bundled up every night... What's beauty sleep without a cushy pillow and warm blankets and a kennel? I cried for months at the beginning, mostly because I just wanted my head rubbed all night long. (Can you blame me?) Thankfully for all of us, I grew out of that stage and now I'm a bone-a-fied sleep Princess. 

Mama T still runs every morning. Oftentimes she's up before the break of dawn, that's one thing I really hate about her. I really don't know how she stays so beautiful when she sleeps so little compared to me. 
I used to enjoy bringing in the paper after her return. Dad loved to have it delivered to him in bed and I was always rewarded with a treat... But now that it's so damn cold and she's going so early, I've opted to stay in bed and greet her upon her return with my best sleepy face. How do you think I did? 

After Mama T gets all pretty and takes her morning OOTD picture and Dad heads off to work, I drag Mama out to the car for our hard work day. I used to whine lots while we drove to work and I'd usually act bratty once we got to work. Now, I just lazily lounge... Even once we're at the yard. 

Good news is, once we get inside and Mama turns her space heater on I hog the little space under her desk for my sweet morning turned noon turned afternoon nap. For some people running is their gig, or blogging, or doing math, for me, it's sleeping.

When I do finally wake up I practice my puppy eye power. Turns out I'm not only a sleeping princess, but a Puppy Eye Princess too. Tell me, wouldn't you want to go outside and play with me? Or at least cuddle on my cushy bed with me? Most of the time Mama resists, but you should see how spoiled I am by all the guys around this place. Eh hem, yogurt spoons, potato chips, water bottles... Don't tell Ma. 
When we get home from work and I'm done running two or three laps around the backyard and eating dinner, I chew on a bone or two. Considering I've been awake for three hours without a nap, I'm usually exhausted and find a spot to rest my tired little head. This red chair has always been a favorite, though my size has hindered my ability to get comfortable as of late. 
I beckon Mama to bed with my puppy dog eyes, but she misses the memo. But that's okay because I love her so. And, because she's really good at rubbing my ears once she does join me in snuggle-ville. If I'm honest, finding my spot on the bed first ensures that I get the best seat and that is a talent of which I am very proud. 
Once Mama finally decides to come join my warm, sweet self in bed, I'm happy to snuggle her despite her inability to do so at work. There's something about my head on her lap that just throws me into deep sleeps and snores. Plus, head rubs. (Need I say more?) 
Basically, I just wanted you to see the pictures of me from before and now, or after. But, I also wanted you to know that if you don't have a dog, you should get one. And the best of dogs are the one's you get for Valentine's day. Who cares about boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others? I won't bring you a rose, but surely I'll drop anything I kill on your welcome mat. I won't buy you chocolates, but I will snuggle you without needing any riveting conversation beforehand. And you can bet I won't ever complain about your cooking. 

Spoil yourself for Valentine's: get a dog. 

From your doggy darling,


  1. honestly...i think hazel may be one of the cutest dogs i've ever seen! every picture of her just melts my heart! her eyes are so big and kind!

  2. This was so cute and makes me want to get a dog badly

  3. little punkin! i'm sure two years have flown by for you guys!

  4. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvFebruary 10, 2014 at 7:24 AM

    she's so adorable and snuggly!

  5. Ahh my next pup will def be a boxer! That face..i just want to spoil her!

  6. Hazel has the cutest puppy dog eyes! I can never get a picture of Nala when she does them, of course that's also highly due to the fact that she usually has a mischievous look in her eyes instead. haha

  7. Gahhhh she's so cute! I love my pup. She is the Princess of our house & she absolutely knows it!

  8. Hazel is so adorable. I want a doggie for Valentines!

  9. Whitney @ Yoga All the TimeFebruary 10, 2014 at 12:07 PM

    So darn adorable! That pic in the car gets me. That face!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE Hazel and her cute face. It makes me want to adopt another one!!!


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