Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alisha Versus Amber

So this month I have an extra special Valentine I've been waiting to share with you... What better time to do so than the week that's filled with an extra splash of loveliness? Precisely, there isn't one. 

I've had the pleasure of hosting the sweet and quirky Alisha on my sidebar over the course of the last two weeks and I finally get the chance to share her sweet self with all of you! She decided it'd be more fun to share a little compare and contrast action between her and I on the blog rather than the traditional guest post and I've got to admit, I'm a fan of the results! Without further ado, meet Alisha
She's the woman behind the blog at The Alisha Nicole and the creative mind behind Eclectic Star, her jewelry shop. I, of course, am a huge fan of all of her stuff, but this sweet bracelet with all the baby blues of the rainbow. Enough accessory talk, let's get to the fun part of today's post: the interviews. 

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faith, and 
Alisha: Buying new nail polish and having a day where I do absolutely nothing!

Amber: A spa day at my mom and I's favorite local winery complete with a bottle of champagne.
Alisha: [1] I hate foods with strange textures (eggs, grits, mashed potatoes) and 
[2] I am terrified of spiders like on the verge of tears every time one is close to me terrified.

Amber:  [1] My first blog was a food blog and I gained 12 pounds doing it and
[2] I didn't wear clothes in creative ways until after I got married. 
Alisha: [1] A great pair of leather boots (in black and brown), 
[2] a thick pair of black leggings and 
[3] an infinity scarf in a color that can be worn with anything.

Amber:  [1] The new felt hat I bought from Target,
[2] Canvas Frye boots,
[3] Scarves in every pattern and color (because every outfit needs one).
Alisha: Marc Ecko's "Unlabel" is AMAZING! Best "business" book I have read in a really long time. 
Seriously go get it!

Amber: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. 
Oh, and Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. 
Alisha: Ice cream sundae hands down!

Amber: Oh nachos. Or, more aptly, carne asada fries.
Alisha: Atlanta! No matter how staged their story lines seem I can't stop watching.

Amber: I have a thing for the originals in Orange County, but lately the Beverly Hills ones have been holding my attention too... Maybe that's actually Vanderpump Rules, but who's counting? 
Alisha: At both I'd order a tequila sunrise. Its never too early or too late for tequila.

Amber:  At brunch, a bloody mary. At happy hour, a dirty martini extra olives.
Alisha: Fun. "We Are Young"

Amber: "I Hold On." Dierks Bentley
Alisha: It would be my "10 Useless Facts About Me" post I wouldn't call it bizarre but it was completely random and ended up being one of my favorite posts.

Amber:  It's not so much about how much fun it was to read, but I loved writing this one
Talk about catharsis. 

Alisha: Rocky Road

Amber: Baskin Robin's Quarterback Crunch. It looks like vanilla with little exciting swirls of caramel and then POP! Chocolate-covered rice crispies for the surprise win! 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And with that, we had fun. Please give yourself the gift of visiting Alisha's space and shop.


  1. LOOOOVVEE This!!


  2. well i love this. i think it's a fab idea, and i loved learning a little more about both of you.

  3. This was a super cute idea!! Very much enjoyed it!! xo

  4. You have a spa/winery combo? I want this in my life. I want to vacation in your city. That is perfection...


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