Friday, January 10, 2014

Vlog Like a Beauty Boss

Things You Learned in this Vlog:
1. B.R.A.V.E. reference contextualized here.
2. 25 means you're a grown woman and grown women wear lipstick.
3. As a child I had a chapstick addiction, I'm hoping to mature it into a lipstick addiction. HOW DO I DO THIS?
4. Maybelline's Lip Whisper is the bomb and is cheap.
5. Sparkles. SPARKLES. Hi, Mac Dazzleglass. Not only is it sparkly, but it's also got snarky names.
6. Urban Decay FOR THE WIN. Primer, Naked Palettes, everything is good.
7. Blinc primer thickens and elongates without any weighty droop to your lashes.
8. Do yourself a favor and get some Fairy Drops. The wand is funky, but DO IT.
9. Blonde hair and dark eyebrows are the shit. Period.
10. I struggle with voice volume control.

The big message here: 
I need to master lipstick. BUT YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE. 
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And, before I step completely away, a friend to introduce... A friend who looks like the girl next door (and she is) except better. She's got a blog full of amazing beauty tips and tricks (some I happen to use and more that I happen to desperately need for myself), a faith that'll inspire you to pursue Him, and creativity to boot. I believe you would call this the "whole package".

 Meet Lyss from Lyss & Loveliness

My name is Alyssa, and I blog over at Lyss & Loveliness, which features thoughts on faith, beauty, positivity, and life. I love getting to share my heart on these topics, and love getting to hear your thoughts, as well! In addition to being a writer and blog designer, I'm also a newly-wed wife, fur momma, and lover of coffee, words, design, and the color coral. I'm looking forward to having you join me through life's adventures :)

My new year's resolution for 2014 is to be both intentional and disciplined across all areas of my life, including in my faith, my marriage, my career pursuits, my health, and relationships with those I love. It's going to be a long journey, but I know it will be so worth it!


  1. A little cheerleading trick... put some Vaseline on your teeth. Just a little :) works like a charm

  2. Wait. Grown women wear lipstick?! Eff. I guess I better get on that.

  3. haha girl- I love your vlogs and you crack me up every time. "My brows can't compete with a good beard"

    But I have no makeup advice. I didn't start wearing makeup until college, and even now I rarely wear it at all.

  4. well. i am obsessed with lipstick. and i do wear it quite often. not to work, because people would be like, why are you here looking like you're trying to be all fancy? but most other times, yes. the trick to none on your teeth is to put it on, then stick your finger in between your lips and pull it out through closed lips. it cleans off all the lipstick on the underside/inside of your lips, which is what causes the horrifying lipstick on teeth phenomenon. woop woop!

  5. I love your Vlogs!!! :) You make me giggle at my desk while I listen to you. I love how you feel as though wearing lipstick makes you an adult because I do too! I just turned 25 and I agree that I need to start being more adult-like when it comes to makeup and beauty. Can't wait to see what great advice people give you below. Hopefully I can borrow a few of their tips as well :)

    Happy Friday!


  6. I haven't tried the lip whispers but want to try them out now! I used to never wear proper lipsticks but have been loving bolder/darker colors and trying to learn how to wear them better as well! I have small lips so I have the issue of it getting all over my face if I wear a really opaque or dark shade and invested in a nude lip liner to help avoid that! Happy Friday!

  7. theblahblahblahgerJanuary 10, 2014 at 9:27 AM

    *running off to put on my lipstick*

  8. I do "the finger trick" with my lipstick.. it's not as dirty as it sounds, I swear. Just pop your finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and slowly pull your finger out. Ok, it does sound dirty when you explain it... but it honestly works great. It pulls off the lipstick on the places of your lips that tend to smudge off onto your teeth!

    Jamie @

    The Growing Up Diaries

  9. I have to second the other comments that mention the "finger trick" for lipstick. Makes a big difference. The only other lipstick trick I have is lip-liner to keep the lipstick on your lips and not on your surrounding face.

    But, I'm with you still, I rarely wear it because I feel like a crazy person who needs to constantly check to see if it's still on/not on my teeth.

  10. Maybelline lip whisper is my fave... i have 4 or 5 different shades!

  11. The Maybelline Color Whispers are amazing, so are the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, I highly recommend both of those brands. I usually take a kleenex and blot my lips on that which helps it from transferring to other surfaces (coffee cup and teeth being two main ones) later on. Also the naked three is amazing, by far my favorite as well!! I could talk about makeup all day, but I'll stop there..

  12. I also decided recently that I lipstick = grown up and I need to wear it. The actual wearing of it so far hasn't happened. I mean, I even have a signature color!

  13. BUT HOW?!? You are not allowed to run away and be all pretty without showing me HOW.

  14. I wore red lipstick out on Friday night. And I used the finger trick. AND THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE SMEAR. Yes, I win. And Jason even commented on how much he liked the new look. I WIN AGAIN.

  15. I wonder what rock I was living under that I had NO CLUE about the finger trick. It works like a little miracle. And I had to continue to tell myself that I didn't need to check my teeth like a crazy lady. Ah ha, I win!

  16. Isn't it WONDERFUL? My mom had me try her favorite lip stain pencil on Friday though... And it might have been a bit more divine.

  17. Do you have a signature color!?! This makes you the GROWN UP OF ALL GROWN UPS. I'm still working on what I think mine is... But there's something about pink and peach that I love.

  18. Oh the lip whispers are LOVELY. And I just realized that you can buy them on Amazon! :) My mom had me try her favorite lip stain on Friday night and it's almost as divine!

  19. Oh Sara, you are ALWAYS so sweet and it ALWAYS encourages me. :)

    The finger trick appears to be the overall winner... And I tried it all weekend and it worked LIKE A CHARM. :)

  20. Girl, now I know to pray for a lipstick loving heart like yours! But really, I'm about to be rocking these whispers all over the place... And, I feel like I've got to get a little bit beautiful in clothes in order to rock the lipstick which means another reason to change out of my sweats! (And lately, I've been needing every single reason I can find!)

  21. Finger trick for the Friday night red lip win! Jason even complimented how much he liked the bright lip. HI, I AM A WINNER. Can I tell you this though? It makes me so happy to see the little kiss on the rim of my glass.

  22. Oh girl, I wish I didn't love wearing make-up quite as much as I do... And Jason and our wallet probably do too! :)

    The brows though, wild and unruly, but not beard material.

  23. And hairspray on my butt cheeks. THIS IS MISS CONGENIALITY BUSINESS.

  24. Awesome!! It's totally fool proof!

  25. ohh will check out! Thanks for sharing :)

  26. First of all, kudos for jumping on the lipstick bandwagon. I try to wear a bold (Like hear me ROAR) color at least once a week, and BOY, do I get a response from doing so. HOWEVER, I had to learn the basic of the color running. So, my tip to you is concealer around the lips. Take your brush and wipe it a bit around the top and the bottom, nearly touching the lip. Set the area with some powder. It keeps the color from running! Let me know how that works out for you! Good luck.


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