Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sneers. Jeers. Cheers.

Today, I'm tired. We've been busy and stress has been a bit intense . So, I decided some funny lists and GIFs would help me get over this mood

These are all things I'm supposed to care about. 
Or at least things I believe me, as an adult woman, should care about. But don't. 

1. How bad everything in our food is for us. 
GMOs, gluten, pesticides, etc. I know, I hear. But, you're telling me to eliminate my favorite foods. There's no way I'm breaking up with carbs, red meat, or condiments. I repeat: my stomach don't care. 

2. Politics.
I know, I know, unconcerned, uneducated citizen. But it all stresses me out, so I bury my head in the sand like a tiny-brained ostrich.  (And I shake my tail feather any time someone tries to engage me politically)

3. Flossing daily. 
I hate flossing. Mom, I know you're cringing many times over. But, really, I do hate it. Except after I eat steak, popcorn, or beef jerky. Then, I love it. 

4. What level you're on in Candy Crush. 
Especially since it's always higher than the one I'm on.

5. How potty training is going. 
I love mommy blogs, I don't love hearing about pull-ups, ruined underwear, and the in-between. I was potty trained without the worldwide web reading the escapades and I believe that's the way said process should remain. 

But, I don't want to leave you with the bitter, foul taste of all the things I should, but don't care about because what's that for a Wednesday. So, I shall also share five blog posts I DO happen to care about this week as a part of Cheers, not Jeers with Casey
Cheers not Jeers
1. Randomly, I ended up in some deep theological conversation with the wise-beyond-her-years Annie. And, girl's got a handle on His word in ways that inspire me and push me and motivate me. But, this post from her happened to come just when I was obsessing over Mary and Martha. Now she's got me and a few others digging into those words like no body's business. And I care so deeply. 

2. It has been made known that I have a mad girl crush on Kalyn from Geez, Louise. But, her take on the "23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You're 23" made me shake my head many times in agreement. I don't think marriage young is for everyone. Nor do I think it's for no one. But, I might be biased.  

3. Jason and I don't read the same kind of books. In fact, his books and mine probably wouldn't even be found in the same store. When Sarah Bessey wrote about the Reading Challenge that her and her husband took on, I couldn't help to ask Jason to do the same with me. And, he did. So, we read. 

4. I've adored Annie B. Jones for more time than I'm even sure of. She owns a little bookstore, lives in the South, and wears cowboy boots -what isn't there to absolutely love. Her and her husband just bought a house. And the way she talks about her favorite part, the porch, is what I want to feel about our house. I want it to have that thing that makes it unique -like a mole on its cheek or a cowlick in it's bangs. 

5. The two beautiful women of Kin are beyond words precious. Their letters to one another are heartfelt updates that resonate with my heart despite how different our lives might be. But, this one about reunions after deployment just destroys my soul in the most lovely of ways. With tears in my eyes I imagine that relief, that joy, that moment of pure, deep emotional connection and it makes my heart happy. 


  1. i only voted just to reserve my right to bitch about the government but i had no idea who i was voting for. i just asked some friends who i should vote for and then went and did it. you know, informed decision and all.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Hahaha. I am the same way about a lot of those! I am all about some politics, but I'm a mom and I don't even want to hear about soiled undies and bed sheets. Barf.

  3. Brittany RasmussenJanuary 29, 2014 at 6:25 AM

    I'm with you girl. Its just too hard to be concerned with ALL The bad stuff in food. Like how do I choose? Stay away from carbs or dairy or pesticides or aspartame ...the list goes on. SO BASICALLY culture says don't eat. #Nothanks

  4. Oooh, I like the cheers, not jeers link-up!

    Totally agree on the potty training posts. I also think breastfeeding ones get a little awkward. Yes it's beautiful and natural and more power to you but do you think it will be weird for little Junior to read about his latching issues in 20 years? I think women can support and help one another through this a little more privately, without all the gory details for everyone to see.

  5. canadian politics make my brain hurt.

  6. I love this so much!!! I seriously said YES YES YES to all that. I have been agonizing over all this crazy food stuff lately, I eat healthy but even some of my choices have come out with some crazy report on how much crap is in it and never eat there again blah blah blah it stresses me out! I feel like I do well with my choices so I'm not gonna kill myself over a day at Panera. And politics = anxiety and headache. Yuck! Flossing is awful especially with built in retainers and floss threaders what the heck are those!? And I literally have candy crush nightmares. Hahaha thanks for this post love not being the only one with things!

  7. Ugh YES on the caring what's in your food. I want so badly to do everything right and eat organic and local and avoid all the toxic crap. But I'm easily overwhelmed and every time I hear of something else that's bad in the stuff we eat, the less I feel like doing anything about it. Psh, we'll all die someday anyway! (Ha, how's that for positivity!)

  8. Oh my goodness our small group studied Mary and Martha just last night. I know I'm more of a Martha and need to be still like Mary!
    And I'll stick my tiny ostrich brain right next to yours in the sand. I try to deny politics as often as possible! Give me the stomach cramps haha

  9. You now hold an even more special place in my heart for the Adventure Time gif! But yes, I totally agree with all of these, especially 1-3. Steak and beef jerky always calls for floss!

  10. I totally think that for the sake of the kids, potty training adventures should stay off the internet! And I've just never been able to get truly interested in politics. I mean, enough that I am definitely convinced who I want to vote for when the time comes...but outside of that? Nothing about politics seems very hopeful so I also tend to take the "try to ignore" strategy.

  11. Oh we are one in the same about good food. Won't ever catch this girl giving it up!

    And you are TOO kind!

  12. Seriously, we both voted because we took a quiz online about what's important to us and it told us who to vote for... I'm sure this is completely engaged and right.

  13. There are some posts that make me cringe thinking this is on the internet... Possibly forever and how mortifying it would be to know that my mom posted that I was wetting the bed at 4 because I slept so hard... NO THANKS.

  14. Life's TOO FREAKIN' SHORT to be all caught up in counting every calorie and reading ALL of the ingredients in the list. Really, if it tastes good I'm going to eat it.... Not ALL of it in one sitting or any of that, but I'm going to eat the good stuff. :) #myhipsthighsandbuttdon'tcare

  15. Girl, it's FUN! :)

    Breastfeeding weirds me out. Not because I think women shouldn't do it or that they should be arrested, but because the thought of anything getting all mouthy with my chest just plain freaks me out. I guess I'm not fully matured yet. :)

  16. Oh Panera. OHHHHHH Panera. I adore it. And, I don't go there often, but when I want it, I WANT IT NOW... Especially since I work by a drive through Panera. :)

    I owe you a text boo. Expect to hear from me tonight!

  17. Also can we talk about HOW EXPENSIVE that lifestyle is? We tried doing all organic for a short period of time and we about went broke over it! As much as I would love to be THAT disciplined and THAT good at healthy life, I just can't stand feeling like I HAVE to pass up all the fun stuff in order to do so. :)

    My dad always said, "We're all dying anyway" when people would get really caught up in any crazy regimen!

  18. Oh girl doesn't it warm your heart when the same thing comes up over and over and over. I adore the way that God works like that.


  19. WHOA. I get we all have boobs. I get all babies are dependent on them for a while. But, I am just NOT comfortable talking about my boobs and who's attached to them (figuratively and literally) nor am I comfortable reading about anyone else's.

  20. I am so THANKFUL that other people don't love flossing. My mom and Jason both love it... And I always felt like such an alien for not loving it... But really, I don't like this thread stuff all up in my gums and teeth.

  21. NEVER GIVE UP. Pizza, wine, nachos, burritos. NEVER.

  22. More generally, I'm not a fan of the news. I find it more stressful than anything... And, I feel so helpless in not being able to help or change things... I guess being informed could be a way to achieve that, but really, no thanks!


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