Friday, December 6, 2013

We had a #happyhourhangout on the Anniversary of Prohibition's Repealing.

Last night was another one of those awesome meet-ups I host with Ashten during the happiest of hours of the day. But it was festive and wine-fueled and spent talking about inspiration and balance -the two things I struggle with most.

I took notes, as any good word lover would do, knowing that each woman would bring some pearl of wisdom that needed to be spread wider than that circle of ladies. They delivered on that hope and more. Without further ado, my sweet dates from last night. 

"Putting my posts into perspective is major. Did my readers love it? 
No, okay that's just one day. Yes, how do I provide more of that?" 

"Sometimes anger is the best fuel for my blog posts. 
I write it, then I let it simmer and there's a nugget hidden in there somewhere." 

Nikki from The Rural Rookie 

"Joey (her adorable Corgi) is so much of my inspiration, but when he doesn't do it for me, I look through old photos and remind myself what mattered back then and what matters now." 

(This girl is full of SO MUCH WISDOM and she's 18. Her soul is old and wise and beautiful.) 

"My inspiration comes in phases that center around different parts of my life. 
But I realize I'm most inspired in those moments that are marked by struggle." 

 "When I'm feeling uninspired, I feel better when 
I take a break and recharge than trying to put out some lame crappy content." 

Lex from Lex in the City

"I don't blog just to blog because that's not providing anything of value to anyone -including myself."

Ashten from Always Ashten 

"Sometimes funny is a crutch for me, so I have to push myself out side of my comfort zone and dive into those emotions that I tend to shy away from." 

And from me, the more sarcastic than wise one:  

Being real about who you are is what makes content relevant. 
If your content isn't relevant, neither are you.

Do yourself a favor and give them a visit this weekend… Unless you're looking at houses and going to little brother's basketball games like me, in that case, keep it old school free of the internet! 


  1. Every time I read these recaps I get more and more excited for my turn!!

  2. WHERE WAS MY INVITATION?! just kidding #notkiddingi will confess to stalking all of them at one point or another!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I can't wait to join in soon! It's on my "blog bucket list" for 2014!


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