Monday, December 30, 2013

Say Hello to My Sweet Friend (Said Like Scarface)

Sometimes blogging does weird things and you sign up to help someone out who you really don't want to help. Other times, you have the chance to introduce people (like you) to one of your favorite blogging finds (and friends) and you couldn't be more thrilled. This is one of the latter times. 

I met sweet Katie from A Beautiful Little Adventure a few months back and was captivated by her ability to throw nerves to the wind and be vulnerable in the way life is messy. As you all know, I love a girl who can own the mess that is life because, well, that's my M.O. It's Katie's too. 

I sent Katie some questions to answer, but first, I have to share the posts of hers that are my favorite… Not because she isn't wonderful, but she's humble and girl's got lots of lovely going on in her space that you need to know. 
Love Story Series (This will restore your faith in love, no doubt)
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And, without further ado, Katie from A Beautiful Little Adventure

Wedding moment you'd relive over and over and over
When Ryan and I first got to talk to each other privately after the ceremony. It was during photos and we were so giddy and happy. I love those photos of us because you can see our child like joy!

Favorite piece of marriage advice:
Make sure to schedule date nights!

Least favorite
Don’t go to bed angry – when Ryan and I fight we it’s easy to lose track about what started the argument. We get lost in the hurtful words or the fact that I KNOW I am right (and I usually am ahem!). Sometimes it’s best to just go to bed. 99% of the time we wake up not caring one ounce about that silly fight.
Three favorite ways you spend time with Ryan. 
Exploring new places together, taking long walks with Maggie, or cuddled up under blankets watching our favorite TV shows and chatting over drinks.

You're stuck on a desolate island, beauty product and cocktail you NEED in order to survive.
BEAUTY PRODUCT –Lipstick. It makes everything better! 
COCKTAIL – Vodka, diet sprite, and a splash of cranberry

Cupcake or nachos? Nachos (unless the cupcakes are super gooey chocolate peanut butter)

Three fashion staples for this fall/winter season:
In the winter I rarely go out of the house with out my riding boots (black or brown) and a chunky infinity scarf. But, as soon as I go home I change immediately into the softest sweats and slippers!

What's your spirit animal? 

GIF that describes your life right now

Most bizarre blog post you've ever written.
Most bizarre blog post you've ever written.
Right here. It wasn’t bizarre for readers, but it was bizarre for me to write. This was the first time that I told this full story. It was freeing but also scary to be that vulnerable. Oddly, I’m a very private person – my personal Facebook barely shares much more than pictures. But my blog is like a different realm. I just let is all hang out. This post was in a way, my ticket into the realm of “Be proud of you story”

Best Maggie May picture and fact.

Well first of all EVERYTHING about this sweet baby Maggie is the BEST! J But, we call her treats “Quesadillas”. So picture what any normal dog does when you say “do you want a treat?” Maggie does the same, but replace the word “treat” with “quesadilla”. She goes balls to the wall crazy dancing on her hind legs

Most valuable blogging lesson you've learned. 
Stay true to yourself and stop comparing.
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You guys, isn't she precious? I'm ready to take a little trip back east to get my cocktail and quesadilla on with Katie AND Maggie. We're off to celebrate for the weekend, but please take a moment to go over and meet Katie for some fun weekend reading! 

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