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Little Drummer Boys and Girls. [#12daysofblogging]

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Today is music day.
What's your favorite Christmas music?
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My all time favorite Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy.
The lyrics and theme behind the song just scream truth into my soul.

Growing up in church I was taught, there's a right way and a wrong way. The longer your resume, the more involved your time, the busier you are, the better you are at being His. And, I lived that way. Strung out on church functions, running from one discipleship group to the next, stressing over the big and little "rules" that made up my immature faith.

Then, in high school, Little Drummer Boy threw all of those petty rules out the window. 
(Right now, Pentatonix is my favorite at everything, especially their Christmas album) 

I encourage you to let the song play while you read.

Come they told me... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
A newborn King to see... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
Our finest gifts we bring... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
To lay before the King... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum. 

Me? You're inviting me to come and meet the newborn King. But, I'm just... a girl, a poor girl, a poor girl who's full of sin, a poor sinner girl with nothing to bring but me. As we walk over the knoll and into the stable I notice everyone's got their greatest of gifts -frankincense, myrrh, and gold. I've got me, my dirty feet, my stained clothes, and my talent: my drum.

They lay their gifts at the foot of his manger while Mary and Joseph look on. They lay them there gingerly and take in the face of a God that looks like a newborn babe. There's really nothing spectacular about him, nothing notable, but the faith he garners in my heart. I want to play for him so deeply -yes, I do.

Little baby... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
I am a poor boy too... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
I have no gift to bring... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
That's fit to give a King... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.

Little baby, I am poor too. Maybe not in dollars (I am American you know), but in spirit. And my poor spirit longs to come to you and sing at the top of its off-key lungs. I want to beat on a drum in awkward rhythms of a mellow cadence hoping to make you smile. Hoping it shall please your fresh to this earth ears.

Shall I play for you... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.

But, little baby, little newborn King, my talent isn't music. Or dancing. Or singing. It's words. So, I'll speak to you in the way you're Father has spoken to me. No, not Joseph dear babe, your Abba Father. He says, you're good and perfect. He says, you're going to save me though you lose your life. He says, you're the hope I need now and forever more. I have faith He's right, baby. I do.

Mary nodded... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
The ox and lamb kept time... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
I played my drum for him... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
I played my best for him... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.

I stutter. You're God in flesh babe. And I'm terrified to disappoint you. But your mama, she nods. She encourages me with a shy smile and a bob of her covered head. I look back on your face and I know this is my chance to give myself to you in ways larger than I can start to comprehend. Here it goes newborn King, I'm going to speak as best I can. May these nerves melt into confident adrenaline for you, little baby. 

Did you like my words dear babe? Did you hear the way they flow from the overwhelming passion in my soul? You've got me smiling deep within myself. Newborn King, you're hope for the masses. You're the Drummer Boy that's behind the steady, beautiful beat of our hearts. And, in truth, I can't compare to that. Oh no, I can't. Steadfast isn't my thing. 

Then He smiled at me... Ba Rum Ba Bum Bum.
Me and my drum.

But, it's not about me is it newborn King? It's about you. It's about you being the gift to me. It's about the beat you play into my life. And, I've just got to surrender my talents to your will in order to feel your smile. Oh sweet babe, that smile's the encouragement I need.
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Today is my Mama Bird's 50th Birthday. And, when it fell on music day, I wasn't sure what to do. Then, I fell back in love with Little Drummer Boy, as I do every year about this time. That's when it hit me: She's a drummer girl. 

Life's thrown her for a loop, she's poor in spirit, and instead of refusing to come -to Him, to our family, to Popsicle- she approaches cautiously with her drum. She plays for all of us from the depths of her heart and soul. 

And here we all are, caught off guard at her talent and strength, smiling. Applauding her ability to bring what she's got to the table. No apologies for where she's lacking because she knows He's there to fill in the gaps. 
Happy birthday drummer girl! 
Happiest of birthdays.  
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  1. Happy birthday, Mama Bird! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. This is an amazing post, you couldn't speak truer words. I am in a drive thru and I was trying to think of my favorite...... then before I could even finish reading, Silent Night came on the radio, and I realized, it is my favorite. Always has been. My mom used to sing it to me before I went to bed, she couldn't sing well but it comforted me, and it still does every time I hear it.

  3. Happy Birthday Mama Bird!!

    And yes Pentatonix everything is so amazing.

  4. Happy birthday mamma bird and amber, your heart is gold and i love that about you :)

  5. Happy birthday to your mama bird!!..... I totally wrote my post and then came to link up and we picked the same song and version!!!

  6. such a fun idea! and i do love little drummer boy! Happy b-day to her!

  7. this is amazing. it's like poetry, and i absolutely adore it. a gigantic hug for you for writing this wonderful piece lady.
    and happy birthday to you mama bird! i hope you have the most wonderful day!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this post!! I love your when you talk about your faith because it is so easy to relate but yet it is not overbearing at all. I love Pentatonix too.

  9. OMG that is the BEST version I have heard of Drummer Boy, it is probably one of my favorite songs

  10. Absolutely love Pentatonix and this post! I wonder how many times I will say how much I love your posts before it gets old! But seriously, your writing is a gift and the way you share your life and your faith definitely makes the babe smile! And happy big 5-oh mama bird!

  11. Oh girl it never gets old. Especially because your heart feels so close to my own and it affirms that I'm hearing Him correctly (because sometimes my hearing seems sooooo off). You are a dear soul Eva Matie (I might start going by Amber Thom-beard... Does it fit??).

  12. DOESN'T IT JUST GIVE YOU CHILLS?!? Like I have to belt my heart out EVERY TIME it comes on.

  13. Jessa, thank you, thank you, thank you. I doubted this post a bit and wrestled with the way it sounded but loved it so much that I couldn't NOT post it. Your comment is the encouragement and affirmation I absolutely needed today. <3

  14. Does that hug come with peppermint spiked cocoa? Because you've got me addicted.

    Slash, I believe it'd pair amazingly with the caramel apples I made for birthday dessert. :)

  15. Obviously, you have amazing taste in music. :)

  16. Can your gold heart and my gold heart be neighbors already? I just love thee.

  17. Oh it's bound to be wonderful! Especially after a coyote chased us on our run this morning...

  18. I love this song! Our church sang a version of this in our Christmas program last week, and it was awesome. (Similar here-- if you can get over the weird cinematography, it gets really good near minute 3!)

  19. Kalyn, we are TWO BIRDS OF A FEATHER. My mom always sang Silent Night too and I didn't know until we adopted my little brother and it was what I'd sing to him when I babysat... My mom caught me singing it one night and said, Amber, that's what I always sang to you! It's the only song I can think of when I'm rocking a baby! :)

  20. 4 more month boo. I am counting down until we are "neightbors" and we can wine "taste" and by taste i mean, drink a lot lol

  21. tears & love...always. an an off key rat-ta-ta-tat.

  22. Love this song too. You words are beautiful, as always, Amber!

  23. Happy birthday to your Drummer Girl! :) Very sweet way of tying everything in. :)

  24. That's TOO sweet. Mama Bird is lucky to have such a great daughter and a great family of friends! Here's to 50 more!!

  25. xoxo! Yes, please rename your blog to Mr. Thom-beard and me! ;)


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