Monday, December 23, 2013

Fight the Cold with Flannel [#12daysofblogging]

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Hi friends, today we're talking cold winter fashion.
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I live in southern California where we hardly have winter and EVERY year I feel unprepared without fail. EVERY YEAR. This includes wishing I had thicker socks, that my coats ALL had hoods on them, that I had electric pants I could plug in like my blanket and they'd heat right up... But, alas, I don't.

The one thing that makes up for the shivering that I do most of the cold winter mornings is the cozy flannels I wear to bed every night. Anyone that's been around here for any length of time knows I'm flannel's number one fan and I'm a deep believer that everyone should own a pair, or five.

Every year my mom and I buy a new matching pair which never fails to be the highlight of all cold winter nights. This year we went with a pink skull and flower print pair from PJ Salvage. We even wear it open with our bras and sexy abs showing since the model did too. (That is a bold-faced lie)

Since getting married, Jason's been converted to the fuzzy flannel loving team. And, of that, I am proud.

How do you keep warm in the winter cold? 


  1. LOVE. i need to get me some more flannel pjs stat. Mister Man will never be a convert. he is a straight boxers, no shirt kinda sleeper....the man is a furnace and would die if he had any more layers on.
    p.s. pink with skulls was the best choice by far.

  2. Flannel pajamas are so snuggly! I'm kind of sad I hate sleeping in pants now...because these all are super adorable. And so comfy!

  3. Love these! Flannel pj's are a must. Or fleece. I think this year my Christmas pj's are going to be a fleece onesie with feet! Fingers crossed, can't wait. :)


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