Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Ain't Christmas Without... [#12daysofblogging]

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How about some fill in the blank for you fancies today? 
It wouldn't be Christmas with ________.
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Most of my friends have a video they watch every year while they're growing up... Like Elf or White Christmas or Miracle on 34th Street. I grew up with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. There was no such thing as December without Clark Grisswold and his family and insanity. So, who better to help me share the ten things that make Christmas official. 

1. It wouldn't be Christmas without that house that uses ALL THE ELECTRICITY.

2. It wouldn't be Christmas without a FULL schedule of holiday traditions. 

3. It wouldn't be Christmas without a calorie-packed assault on your months of dieting.

4. It wouldn't be Christmas without visions of Sugar Plum fairies dancing in our heads.

5. It wouldn't be Christmas without attractive employees at every store in the mall.

6. It wouldn't be Christmas without family bonding in the car.

7. It wouldn't be Christmas without presents from the crazy Aunt Bethany.

8. It wouldn't be Christmas without surprise family drop-ins.

9. It wouldn't be Christmas without old-fashioned home cooking. 

10. It wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas miracle. 
And we all know, it wouldn't be Christmas without a smart-ass, GIF-filled post from Amber. 

Have no fear, 
It's Christmas y'all. 


  1. haha I have yet to watch this movie this year, but it's on Netflix so I really need to!

  2. i hate to admit that i've never watched this entire movie in one sitting before....that's one of my christmas goals this year! (hope mexico is treating you amazingly!)

  3. I just watched this the other day for the first time. I know terrible! It was good and now I need to get Marcus to watch it.

  4. hahaha Sean and I watched this last night! We absolutely love it. Definitely one of the very best Christmas movies around :)

  5. I just love this. I haven't watched this yet this year. For some reason, I don't own it.. I'll probably have to fix that problem.

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  6. A classic for sure! Maybe I'll pop this in tonight. :)

  7. I just watched this movie tonight for the second time! This post cracked me up--such clever different things. I love watching Christmas Vacation every year..once or twice AT LEAST!!

  8. Love it! I think it is time for me to watch it again. :)


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