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Bling Bling: A Christmas Treasure [#12daysofblogging]

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Today is sharing a Christmas treasure. 
Ahoy matey's!
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I'm a woman who puts big emotional value to my things… Why? I guess because I'm so sensitive and sweet (eh hemmm, sarcasm). Mostly because I am a hoarder and I pretend that it has something to do with emotions. But, one thing I surely know is my engagement to Jason and the accompanying ring made me one happy girl with a big treasure-filled heart.

So, here we are, Team Thomas, telling the tale of our engagement. Please enjoy Mr. T's presence… It's not promised again. Though the red wine seemed to help. 

Here are the pictures we promised… The first two are the before shots. 
Literally, Mr. T with his tequila shot. 
And me, Ms. M at the time, with my unknowing grin.
And now, us, as newly-engaged, young loves who are running towards married life. 
(This is the picture that Jason says is his favorite!) 

And finally, the important facts you just learned: 
1. We're linking up with Erin from Hooley with a Z.
2. There's not really much he said/she said here because we're in agreement about our engagement. 
3. Red wine will get Mr. Thomas on camera… At least during Christmas. 
4. We're going back to Mexico this week… Three years after we got engaged. This is so sweet.
5. Jason's sneaky. I'm oblivious. What a combination. 
6. Talking to the parents before you get engaged is important to both Thomases. 
7. We still to this day do not agree about baggage checking on flights. 
8. The only person to ever get any crazy Mexican food-bourne illness is AMBER. 
9. Awkward is the same thing as romance.
10. We didn't do shots then, we do them now. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 
11. We're more in love now than we were back then -despite the madness and work that comes with marriage. 
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And, before we're all off for the weekend, meet my new dear friend Lauren from Pink on the Cheek. She's got uh-mazing style that makes me want to spend the weekend looking through her closet and having her revamp mine… But she's also got tutorials that aren't so much helpful for the home crafter as they are for the blogger (hello, photo editing tips and monogram creating instructions!). 
Hi loves, I'm Lauren and I love to feature and promote other blogs, small businesses, handmade shops and wonderful companies. I love talking about blogging tutorials, my married life , and my personal style. Want to gossip about blogging? I'm your girl.

My Favorite Christmas Tradition: My Mom will start in October insisting I don't get her anything for Christmas. She says for me to save my money and she doesn't need anything. But I love seeing her face on Christmas morning when she opens a present she wasn't expecting!
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  1. Omg I could not stop laughing. I loved it! You guys are so cute!!!!! "Eh-hem" hahahaha

  2. So you're saying I need to give my husband red wine to vlog with me, huh? ;) I don't think that would work for me. But yay, Mr. Thomas! You're a trooper! "Anyway" hope you have a fabulous time in Mexico next week! Hopefully, there won't be any nervous orders of tequila shots so you don't have to get brain freeze attempting to enjoy your frozen drink! ;) Happy engagement anniversary!

  3. Ah! That's such a cute story!! haha...I knew my engagement was coming too- but in the moment it was actually happening, I was completely clueless.

  4. Stink! I planned specifically to blog about my DIY Christmas gift... today. Because I wrote the date down wrong. :( Haha!

  5. Today is a HUGE day in the Vlog Like a Boss world, because MISTER THOMAS JOINED US TODAY.

    What an honor. What a guy. Love you both.

  6. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvDecember 13, 2013 at 7:08 AM

    omg! You guys are so so cute!! Loved hearing your story, I think it's so cute that Jason told it with you - now if I could ever get Ryan to vlog ...or myself! Ha! I hope you have a blast in Mexico and you are right - awkward is the same thing as romance!

  7. omg this is so awesome! you guys are too cute :)

    Vodka and Soda

  8. omg this is so adorable! You guys are seriously the cutest together and your engagement sounds like such a silly & happy time :)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  9. Great story, too cute! "Awkward is the same thing as romance" in our house too. :)

  10. wait you guys are seriously too cute! I loved this so much hahaha this is too funny!

  11. This story is so sweet!!! You guys are adorable! Proposal stories area always so sweet and least mine was, too!

  12. Your ring is absolutely GORGEOUS! Could you guys be any cuter together?! (The answer is no, you are at maximum cuteness already!) Bahahaha... "I got my nails done in case we took pictures of my hands..." Classic. And before you ever said that I looked at the pictures and thought your nails looked really nice! :P :) "Crazy Mexican food poisoning..." Bahahah... another classic! This was hilarious!!!!!!!!! P.S. I spy Popsicle's paper plate ornament. :)

  13. What a great story! I doubt I will ever get Derek in front of the camera but this makes me want to try!

  14. This was SUPER ADORABLE. You two seem to really complete each other and make marriage look simple! Many blessings to you and your families this holiday season!

  15. Hahahaha Loved this!! You two are so darn cute! Have fun in the sun and sand and have a drink for me ;-)

  16. You guys are so adorable! Husbands should be on vlogs more often haha. There's absolutely NO WAY I'd ever get Greg on one! Your engagement story is so cute and yes, awkwardness is the same as romance. For sure :)

  17. What an amazing story! I hope my engagement story is as cute as this. I've been with my boyfriend for just over 20 months and I cannot wait to get engaged and marry my soulmate.

  18. You guys are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!


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