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A Treat Dipped in Caramel Goodness [#12daysofblogging]

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Treats. Treats. Treats!
Today, we're talking holiday treats. 
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Growing up we always went to Disneyland at Christmas time. Every single time I had to have a Minnie Mouse Caramel Apple because it was tradition. The tart, crisp crunch of the green apple combined with the chewy sweetness of caramel dipped in the semi-sweetness of chocolate and topped with crunchy walnuts had me

Then, last year I was reading Lulu the Baker when she wrote about caramel apple place cards. Oh my heart. Caramel apples. So, when the opportunity to make them for my friends and family presents itself, I seize the moment with much enthusiasm and creativity. 

Some tips: 
  • Let it cool. Before dipping cool the apples, after dipping between EVERY layer cool it off, cool, cool, cool. Keep them in the fridge until time to serve... This will ensure all the layers stick together. 
  • There is such thing as an apple too small. You want apples that are just a bit larger than the size of your fists -this promises the perfect apple to topping ratio. 
  • Don't be shy with toppings. No such thing as too much. 
  • Be careful what you set the apples on when you refrigerate them. The caramel sticks so keep them on wax paper or a baking mat (such as silpat) will come off clean. 
  • Caramel is good. Chocolate is better. Every layer after that catapults you into phenomenal. 
First you'll need your apples and caramel -I use the baggies of individually wrapped caramels that you can buy at the grocery store. It's a pain to unwrap, but I've found that stuff works the best. Major Alert: don't use the sheets that wrap around the apple -they don't stick that well and the caramel is too thin. 

Then, refer to tip 1. Refrigerate. LET IT COOL. 

The chocolate dipping and topping rubbing begin. When done, pop that puppy back into the fridge for the layers to set up. I did this in six different mutations all of which I've got here to share with you!
Rocky Road
Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Mini Marshmallows
Chopped Walnuts
White Chocolate Drizzle

White Chocolate
Cinnamon Sugar Sprinkle

Hot Cocoa
White Chocolate
 (though, I'd try this over with just plain chocolate) 
Mini Marshmallows
Hot Cocoa powdered mix
(I'd also add a chocolate drizzle)

Apple Cider
White Chocolate
Apple Cider powdered mix

Peppermint Bark
Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Crushed Candy Canes
(I'd add a white chocolate drizzle) 

Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Crushed Graham Crackers
Mini Marshmallows

And the whole round up for ya'll to see. 

The favorite of the bunch was the apple cider. I fear it'd taste too repetitive, but instead it was the perfect mix of tart and tangy with the sweet of the white chocolate. 

Another trick that will present itself once your pretty little apples are all ready for party time is how to cut them. This little post will give you the way that's worked best for me with all flavors and toppings of dipped apple. 


  1. My mouth is watering. These look delicious! And perfect.

  2. i'll confess something: i have never had candied apples before. weird right? but these look sooo good!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I'm impressed! These look absolutely amazing!!

  4. These look so good, especially the dark chocolate peppermint bark. Good job!

  5. I am FOR SURE making this next week when My in-laws come!!! OMG

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even get over how good all of these look!

  7. We do the same thing at my house! So yummy!

  8. Oh. My. Oh me oh MY! I looooooove caramel apples! I've never had a fancy one like these before!!!!!!!


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