Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanks-living: The Story behind the Photos

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These are the pictures you see of our moments with him. Faceless, but love-filled. Because he is gone from that face we know. And, we don't want to remember him like that. Because though his body remains, his infectiously joyful spirit is gone. Because those baby blues that were once backed with great thought, deep humor, and much love. Now, there's emptiness. 

It breaks our hearts. In a million little splintery ways. And, there's something so painful in looking at those eyes that remind us how his deep mind and personality have been stolen. So, we don't capture them. We don't capture the disease at all. We capture the memories we are making despite his inability to do so. And, that makes me feel like we're winning. 

Because dementia can steal a lot from us, but our love, our moments together, our deep family ties remain. 


  1. ((Hugs)) thanks for sharing your honest feelings, your pain & hurt...but also your optimism through it all. Wish I could give you a real life hug and go through a box (or 4) of tissues with you!!

  2. I'm sending you hugs to go through these tough days !

  3. Oh Eva, some days it would be boxes and boxes, but as long as we were doing it together I'd be a happy girl (despite the tears and runny nose!).


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