Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanks-living: Packing Light

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A book. Oh, but there's so many. My shelves and dresser and nightstand over flow with them. While I have many a book to read, I don't have any a book to repeat. Until Packing Light. As the book was coming to a close I found myself hungry to begin it all over again, to reread every stitch of her thoughts word by word from cover to cover.
"One of the hardest parts of packing light, I've learned, is that it's as much about what you take with you as it is what you leave behind. Letting go of everything isn't the answer. In fact, sometimes letting go is the easy part. But packing lights isn't as simple as throwing up our hands and leaving everything up to God. It's as much about holding on as it is about letting go -and knowing the difference between the two." (194)

I didn't hunger for the action, because it's not action as we know it. The plot is intriguing and sparked a little fire under my wanderlust. But, I wanted to absorb every ounce of theology Allison (because I know her deeply after reading this) throws my way. Theology sounds so heavy and burdensome, do not be confused. This is no thick language or heavily metaphorical Bible talk. It's refreshing, daring, easy to read faith that translates from her life to your own with ease and blessedness only He can deliver.

Though the first 50 pages of the book feel slow -especially in comparison to the rest of novel-, they are necessary for you to understand the depths of Allison's complex relationship with her things, her thoughts, and her God. Just as your visits here require some understanding of the complexity of my life, my marriage, and my faith. Do yourself a favor and be challenged by Packing Light, no part of you will be disappointed and, at the close of the novel, you'll be wishing for more while trying to live in less. Oh, the contradiction of a life well-lived.

So, I take this opportunity to gift this book to you. To establish a new opportunity for you to be thankful and thoughtful and lesser. And, what's a good book without a steaming cup of joe.

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*I did receive a copy of Packing Light in return for a review, but all thoughts and opinions regarding the novel and Ally Vesterfelt are solely my own. All promotions on Mr. Thomas and Me are honest critiques from one [or both] of the Thomases and thought to be relevant to our readership. 


  1. i have been meaning to read this FOREVER. maybe i'll read it as a break from HP this thanksgiving week and pretend i'm on the beach with my family.

  2. Ohh I am going to have to buy this if I don't win. Sounds like something I need to read!

  3. Rachael @ Pretty in PinkNovember 19, 2013 at 1:50 PM

    Just added this to my Goodreads :)

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, Amber! I am going to add it to my goodreads list as well. Sounds very good.

  5. I can't wait to read this book. I love finding new books to read.


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