Monday, November 4, 2013

Thanks-living: My Blate with Always Ashten

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I've read many a time about the magic of meeting online friends offline. How "blates" are dreams come true filled with giggles and cocktails and happy pictures. I never imagined myself on one. Until Saturday. 

Ya'll are faithful enough readers that you're surely aware of the day I spent in sunny California with Ashten. But, let me tell you about this girl in REAL LIFE because as great as she is online, the person I got to spend my afternoon sharing coffee and cocktails with is better than your blogging bud. 

First, this girl's got awesome taste in cocktails. Have you heard of a Moscow Mule? Because I hadn't until yesterday. And now it'll be my go-to drink for days! We got to do blog talk over nachos, tacos, and mules in the beautiful southern California sun... A dream come true. As much as our friendship started in Blogland, we spent so much time talking life outside of it -an experience I never thought I'd have. 

Second, her Vlog-Boss-Ship is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Like watching (and participating) with her vlogging process is like magic. While I video the same thing twelve times over before it's acceptable, this girl gets it right THE FIRST TIME. Next time Los Angeles news needs a new anchor I know who I'm submitting for consideration.

Anyways, we did as all great bloggers do and grabbed some red-cup Buckies while we talked through our Vlog. Because, when there's two bosses vlogging (one who's hardly a boss) you've got to make a plan Stan. Never had I ever imagined myself sitting in a Starbucks talking to a computer with another woman about animals, cocktails, make-up, and guys. But I did with little to no embarrassment. 
I didn't imagine I'd laugh so hard (and make such absurdly unattractive faces) with Ashten, but I did. And she did too. We vlogged like bosses answering questions you submitted... Something I, too, couldn't have dreamed up. YOU CARE WHAT MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS?!? YOU WANT TO KNOW MY FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT?!? People, you are way too kind

We rocked the socks off your questions and then some. And here's proof we're on our way to you... TOGETHER. Please check out Ashten's spot tomorrow for the #sayyesproject vlog I'm telling you about so lamely... My words just don't do the whole thing justice. 
Then it was time for cocktails with some of Ashten's friends. You know how they say you are who you hang out with? Well, this girl's hysterical as are her girls. She's a welcoming spirit with an open-book approach to life which delivers a breath of fresh air. And, she's got awesome taste in sunglasses and really pretty hair.

Another first for this girl: parking in the electric vehicle ONLY spot. Picture a grid-locked parking lot filled to capacity with cars circling like vultures hoping for a shred of roadkill. Then we swoop down like the honorable, earth-loving hawk that we are and swoop so gingerly into the EV spot since I was driving Mr. T's electric vehicle for the day. Hallelujah!
Excuse the terribly blurry picture, but I was THAT happy. Forget standing still in the frame, I just want people to see me, little old me, parking in an electric vehicle spot! 

Moral of this post: I'm thankful for Ashten. I'm thankful for blates. I'm thankful for Moscow Mules and tacos. I'm thankful for electric vehicles and special EV parking. I'm thankful for a fun day with my first online friend gone real life friend. I'm thankful for senses of humor and no awkward moments. I'm thankful for vulnerability and honesty in real life. 

And, MOSTLY I'M THANKFUL SHE WASN'T A CATFISH (although I'd love to meet Nev and Max).
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Before you go:
Are you ready for the #sayyesproject going up tomorrow?!? 
I can hardly handle my excitement. Want to know why? 
Because I can't wait to read your stuff this month. Slash, I have something cool to share. 


  1. I'm so excited for the vlog!! Loved seeing the two of you together (even if I was a little jealous in freezing cold Ohio)!

  2. so much fun! the moscow mules pushed my jealousy over the edge FOR SURE.

  3. What an incredible day. Seriously. It was amazing to see this friendship translate into "real life" with such ease. It was like we had been friends forever. I'm so thankful for this new/old friendship. I can't wait to see you again soon!

  4. Moscow Mules have been my go-to cocktail for a few years now! They are great de-lish. I'm glad you two finally got to meet!! you both look so happy!

  5. Moscow Mules have been my go-to cocktail for a few years now! They are de-lish. I'm glad you two finally got to meet!! you both look so happy!

  6. Moscow Mules are FANTASTIC! Almost as fantastic as blogging friends! :) yay for good times!

  7. I'm also jealous in freezing cold Ohio!!


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