Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanks-living: #happyhourhangout Edition

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After the success and fun of the first #happyhourhangout. I wasn't sure what the second would look like. Part of me came with no expectations so I could be joyful in however the hour turned out. The other, probably bigger part of me, was sure that it just couldn't measure up. And, somehow, these women encouraged my heart in ways completely different, but just as wondrous as the first crew.

The women and words that made up last night's #happyhourhangout warmed my heart in deep and necessary ways. Watching women who were strangers just an hour before giggle together and joke about the woes of content creation and the difficulties of writer's block while sharing in the frustrations of unmet vulnerability and the emotions behind dead-end blogging was a beautiful scene. Be still my heart, community is here. And now.

Of course, I did what I can't help myself to do: take notes of big, lovely quotes and share them with you.  And I come the day after to share that wisdom that screamed to my heart to you.

Without further adieu, meet my #happyhourhangout dates and their wise words 
(that I tried to quote but most likely paraphrased):

Yammering Yankee
"Content is a crap shoot. Vulnerability should be rewarded [with comments and interaction], but it's not always something that resonates with your readers." 

"When you read another blog and their content resonates with you, but you don't know what to say give them the compliment that means most to you because, most likely, that's what they long to hear. And you don't know what that interaction could turn into." 

"My blog started as a diary and artistic outlet but then turned into something I love that I'll ride on until it's something that doesn't interest me any more."

Art of Balance
"Engagement from my readers is vital to me because I believe that's how I establish a community." 

Crazy Bullies
"The friends I've made online can, at times, be my emotional sanity because they're removed from all the drama that's local to me." 

My dear co-host, the brains behind this operation, and the detail handler. 
"I don't write to engage people; I write and people engage." 
-speaking to the importance of being proactive. 

So, you're interest is peaked? Yeah, mine would be too. We're booked through December and January because this thing's more than just a little bit of fun people, so sign up now. You've got something I need to hear, that'll encourage me and warm my heart, that's inspiring to all of us because you're valuable.

Logistically, a $10.00 sponsorship promises you an hour (or two) with eight other bloggers sharing in problems, questions, laughs, and drinks. Not only that, but the sidebar and social media perks. Hi, win-win situation!

And, my quote from the night, since I enjoy imparting my wisdom on all: 
"For me sponsorship isn't about the page views, it's about the content. I don't care how MANY people read you; but, instead, what of yours they read and enjoy." 

With that, good day because it's Friday and Monday is a holiday (at least for some!). 


  1. I seriously love what you do with these posts--you capture us all so brilliantly.

    You are the little secretary of our bunch....and that is the best thing ever.

  2. Always so nervous about which of my quotes you are going to use... I can sometimes say the most inappropriate things. Thank you for always framing me in a good light.


  3. Katie @ A Beautiful Little AdvNovember 8, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    I really hope to be a part of one of these someday soon! I love the idea of creating a community of like minded and engaged young women.Words can do so much! It was great to read the recap and everyone's thoughts, this thing is going places! :)

  4. Secretary. Oh yes, this is a task of which I am a master. Also, it makes me absurdly excited to have that title.

  5. Chelsea, we were so, so glad to have you! Thanks for taking a chance on the hangout and contributing to the awesome conversation!

  6. We missed having you there doll. In case you wondered if you were missed.

  7. Always a good light for Kate. Unless it's hysterical, then I can't help myself.

  8. Oh Katie we hope you will join us one day! They are so ridiculously fun and I always walk away feeling encouraged!


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