Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MWF Seeking a Nest

Bird's nests have always been of a major fascination to me. I grew up in a house where they abounded: both artificial and real. I found two fallen nests on runs over the summer and I love to check them out: the way they're delicately and intricately made, their intimate use and delighted practicality.

Lately I've spent more time pondering their purpose and the way birds create such lovely little vessels for their babies. In it seems to be a lesson God has laid within the twisted bits of each little construct. While they appear to simply be little balls of sticks, a bird's nest serves as a delightful little home for the eggs turned babes born into each knot. There's a delicate intertwining of bitty branches and threads, little pieces of refuse that create a home in which baby birds are raised. How beautiful that is.

Much like those birds, Mr. Thomas and me are looking for a home. A nest for our future baby birds. Just like those birds, we're trying to see the possibilities of each house, working to envision the way those walls, that ceiling, these floors will make a cozy spot for our babies to grow. And, it's tricky, the process of finding a home. 

There's three reasons that have weighed heavy as both nest making and home searching are tricky. 

1. You can't fake a good nest. 
As a child I wanted to find baby animals in our yard, but we lived in an established neighborhood with no wildlife around so the chances were slim. I came up with a plan: make a nest. I gathered many twigs, forced them into a sloppy knot, and dropped it on the ground for a bird to make it home. I was sure my hands were just as capable as a bird's beak. No bird and no eggs found a home in my nest.

Just like that, we can't find home in a house that's too small. Or too large. It's got to be just right. It can't be too fancy or we feel overwhelmed. But too much fixing up and we're not interested. Oh the houses you'll see. 

2. Nests are made with tender love and care. 
Each little nest is built slowly and intentionally by a mama bird for a very special and specific reason. A nest not created by her is not a place for her kids to be born. The creation of a nest isn't simply weaving together a few pine needles with thread, it's a tedious process collecting, creating, spinning. A mama bird spends as much time creating a safe space for her babies as she spends in the nest atop the eggs waiting to meet them.

Like nest making, home searching is best done over time. It's not about efficiency, but about emotion. It's not simply about the now, but about the later. It's not about us, but about our family. And all this time it was about how much I liked the kitchen -or how much I hated it. 

3. Creating a nest and hatching baby birds in it requires much patience.
Sitting still and trusting there to be a wonderful end to your wait is a test of faith -an extreme test of faith for this schedule-loving girl. I struggle deeply to find peace in the process of house looking and get so tired of the waiting period. I want things to happen and I want them to happen now.

That mama bird does nothing more for her babies by moving, moving, moving. In fact, the process of sitting patiently provides for her little unborn babies. She doesn't sit with others, she sits alone waiting for her babies to break from their little shells, knowing that reward will be worth every effort. May I find peace in the wait. May patience fill my wanting soul. 

We must be still and wait for the little eggs God has sitting in our nest to hatch and fill our lives with His grand, unimaginable plan for us. Our eggs may hold that house we can make home, carry our future in a neighborhood of our very own, contain the opportunity to think about babies and family and all the associated chaos.

What eggs are you waiting to hatch? 
And what dreams do they contain? 


  1. and that mama bird is still on those eggs in that nest safely placed under the patio cover. i too must remain patient in my nest and know the egg that lies beneath with hatch God's perfect plan when He is ready for it to hatch...in the meantime, rest and be still. love you missy!

  2. I love this approach to house hunting. Doug and I are going to begin the process for that in January...and I'm a little nervous. I don't want to settle, but I'm just so hopeful we can find something that we love and can see as our future home with future little ones running around!

  3. Mrs. Thomas. You painted such a lovely and beautiful picture in my head with these words. Last we talked we were both lacking in the blog inspiration department ... clearly you're out of that writing rut. I think what I love most about your writing is that you have such a strong faith in God and you present it in a beautiful way that's easy to digest rather than throwing religious beliefs down our throats. I love that about you, and you make me want to develop a deeper relationship with the big man upstairs. xoxo

  4. i love this and needed this.

  5. I love this post!! It was so well written.. I seriously LOVE all of your posts though.

  6. Kathy@Vodka and SodaNovember 27, 2013 at 5:11 AM

    what a clever way of thinking about/describing house-hunting because it's SO true!! i have lived in a house that never really felt like home but with my current house, i never want to leave it so i know this is it.

    oh, and every spring, robins come and make a nest on my porch...at first it was awesome because well, baby birds! but what they don't tell you is that THEY CRAP ALL OVER YOUR PORCH AND RUIN ALL OF YOUR FURNITURE. so every spring, we erect little "walls" so they don't build their nest there. sounds mean but i don't want to be scraping a boatload of bird crap off my porch all the live long day!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I printed this out and posted it on my mirror. SERIOUSLY. And put it in my blogging notebook. SERIOUSLY. Because it made my little heart smile so big inside. I got over the hump and it feels so damn good. Now to just relish the many inspirations that are coming my way for when the next hump happens. :) Thank you for your constant encouragement boo, it keeps me sane in the madness that's life. <3

  8. Nest building is SO exhausting some days... And it'll be such a process once we do find that place that feels so beautiful one day... I must remember that it's like the rest of my life, it doesn't happen overnight even though I so desperately want it to! :)

    I'm remodeling what my personal goals and dreams look like too... Sometimes the way that life goes just comes in like a wrecking ball (sans Miley Cyrus atop) and does its damage then leaves you to pick up the pieces. I realize I've got mine all gathered and now much figure out how to reassemble... :)

  9. Oh aren't they SO fascinating?!? We get little nests every year and it just warms my heart to hear the sweet peeps coming from them in the morning hours... I guess that'll be a sentiment I must tuck away and remember to feel when we have little screaming babes of our own! :)

  10. It's such a weird thing... You feel so grown up and ready some days then so immature and nervous others. Plus, when we started I expected people to just know that we were so mature because we were looking... NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  11. I haven't applied it to the other parts of my life (hint: blog, babies, dreams) but now that it's been done TWICE in the comments here I think I'm going to have to rethink it and re-apply it in bigger and better ways. :)

  12. Oh Jessa, THANK YOU. This encourages my (at times) so weary soul feeling like I'm not making an impression but so badly wanting to! :)

  13. Rachael, you are a DOLL. It's been a challenging couple of weeks coming up with inspiration and content so I'm thrilled you're enjoying your time around here. Obviously we love having you! :)

  14. so good lady. i'm trying really hard to be patient and wait for the figurative (and, dare i say, literal?) eggs to hatch in my life right now. and we were lucky with our house hunting, the next building has been the more challenging part of all of it...lots of love to you lady.


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