Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's the day for Turkeys, Football, and LOTS of Drinking!

Happy Thanksgiving you! 
(and you and you and you)

We're off to spend the day with family riding the gravy train... Oh wait, that's some sort of sexual reference right? (I really do have a thing for gravy (as in the kind that goes on potatoes) though.)

Hope you're spending the day in the presence of those you're thankful for. Like your screaming niece. Just kidding! (sort of, I'm thankful for the family and friends we get to enjoy for the day, but you can have the screaming niece.)

On the serious. We're thankful for you Thomas fans. Because, without you, this blog wouldn't be the thing it is. And, we're excited for another run with you through the holiday season. This year we can promise great food (caramel apples), better drinks (hint: fireball), and flannel pajamas abounding.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! 
Have some extra stuffing covered in gravy (from the train) for us!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the adorable Thomas'. Thomases. Thomas's. Idk... you get the picture. :)

  2. happy thanksgiving thomas family! hope the day (and gravy) was wonderful! really wanting to start our planning me.

  3. Happy (late) Thanksgiving Amber ;)


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