Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shop-Free for Three: Cleaning Out My Closet

So, it's been a month since I did this
And, I haven't acquired any more stuff (minus the new Miley Cyrus Bangerz album I bought last night for $10.99 and have not stopped listening to). Now I'm itching to GET RID OF IT ALL. Like, by not adding to the clutter it just looks so clutter-like and I want to clean desperately. 
Last weekend I finally let the itch be scratched and clean, clean, cleaned. The kitchen, the closet, the dresser. Oh, the relief. But, it still feels over the top. Like there's too many clothes. I have more jeans than I'm willing to own up to. And flannel pajamas, OH MY SOUL.

My plan is to get rid of all that is not used or loved by me and pass it along to a doting home... Then, I WILL NOT REPLACE IT AS MUCH AS I WANT TO AND CONVINCE MYSELF I NEED.

I was contemplating an IG shop but really, I don't need the money. Or the stress of attracting people to the shop. Or worrying that people won't like the way that things fit or look or smell. (Everything will be washed OBVIOUSLY). Simply put, it's yours for free plus the cost of shipping that'll come your way via a Paypal invoice. So, I've decided to put it together in picture form and post it on Facebook. It'll be a single album where all will be available to be yours or for someone in your life.

All I ask is to be sure your picks are more needs than simple wants. I know, who in America really has a need? But, my prayer for these clothes and kitchen and house things are to be a blessing to someone else. Not to be another pair of jeans in a 27-pair-of-jeans closet or another coffee mug in a 50 mug collection or another book to collect dust on your nightstand.

So, you know if you look in my window and girl's getting down, I'm waging war against the clutter monster. 
Go ahead and LIKE our Facebook page, that's where the postings will go up in the next week or so. This weekend's busy so there's no promise they'll be there then, but after that yes. 

This girl is rocking a shopping fast going on six months now... I'm hoping to be like that, sort of. Right now, I'm just working really freaking hard not to break out in hives when the clothing section of Target is in sight. But, really, do yourself a favor and love on Erin. This girl is my soul sister who, despite living on the other side of the country, knows my heart so well. ALSO, it's important to mention she's drinking no caffeine and just undertook a sugar fast. IS SHE A SUPERHERO? Yes, Captain Self-Control. And I love her for it. 

1. What cocktail would make a weekend full of fishing tolerable for you? 
i'm a simple lady. i would sit with a fishing pole in my hand all weekend if you kept refilling my hendrick's gin and tonic. 

2. Beauty product you can't live without.
i'd like to say mascara, but let's be honest, i have terrible skin, so i need that concealer BAD.
3. Your all time favorite book... And why? 
i think it would have to be Little Women by Lousia May Alcott. there's something about it that just spoke to me when i was little, and as i get older and reread it, i pick up on older themes that still hold true to me. it was the first "grown-up" book i ever read, so it holds a special place in my heart. 
4. Which Real Housewives would you join? 
i would definitely join the real housewives of beverly hills! they seem like the classiest and the most fun group of ladies. new jersey scares me way too much to ever risk that craziness!
5. Your favorite Halloween candy. Or cocktail. Or fall treat. With a link.
my new favorite fall food is easily my pumpkin soup that i made a few weeks ago (it's my grandpa's recipe!) 
Share your favorite blog post you've written. And your favorite that you've read.
this post about prayer when i was going through a really hard time last year is one of my favorites i've ever read. 
sarah doesn't always write about faith, but when she does, it's simple and to the point, and it makes so much sense. she is who inspired me to start writing more about my own faith. 



    I bought 3 shirts at Target last night. But I think once you see them you will understand why I NEEDED THEM.

  2. Kathy@Vodka and SodaOctober 24, 2013 at 6:22 AM

    i have so many old clothes that are in GREAT shape and i always think about selling them but then get too lazy to do all the work to up them up etc i donate them. i just hope that the people who work there don't grab them for themselves!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I WENT TO THE BARS IN THAT. and then proceeded to show up at my new boyfriend's door after bar close for a "surprise". thank God he still married me.

  4. i need to check out that clothing giveaway ASAP. because i am slowly shifting back into buying things again. i have to start slowly, this feels right.
    also, seeing that photo of me on the internet makes me simultaneously so proud and so embarrassed.

  5. When ever I think of cleaning, I always think of doing the Mrs.Doubtfire dance.

  6. ERIN YOUR COSTUME IS THE BEST!!! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!! Amber thanks so much for putting together the facebook group its so amazing!

  7. I hope you know that I've just watched both of those little dance diddies for a solid minute straight, cracking up lol. I've thought about having a shop my closet...but like you said, it's a lot of work. I'll be stalking yours to see how it goes ;)

  8. um that Halloween costume is perfection, Erin. Perfection.

  9. Girl, I know how you feel! I don't want them to become just another thing in just another closet and somehow knowing that I can send them off to someone who's going to love and appreciate them makes me so happy inside! :)

  10. GIRL, I feel like I'm going to slip into buying-dom. THUS, I must keep off those choo-choo train as much as I want to go there and buy that.


  11. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE CUTE CLOTHES FOR US? But really. And, watching the trades come together makes my heart hum with happiness!

  12. Kym, I'll let you know how it goes. It all feels a little bit stressful sometimes and that's why I keep going back and forth about how I'm going to handle it! Best to think it through than jump into some sale and then feel overwhelmed. :)

  13. DON'T YOU WANT TO BE ONE RIGHT NOW. Okay, so maybe that's just me.

  14. I'm doing a spending freeze right now too for 100 days. At first I thought it would be so easy.. but turns out I have some vices too in this area. We had to reuse a costume from previous years bc of this.. which made me sad at first... but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.


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